Thursday, January 18, 2007

inner dork: oh, deer

Yeah, enjoy this.

Did you know...

Deer cannot eat hay.
Deer do like to eat marijuana.
(Yeah, but the real question is, do they like the special brownies?)

Reindeer have scent glands between their hind toes. The glands help leave a scent on the trails for the herds to follow. Researches say the odor smells cheesy.
(Like what kind of cheese? Does it smell like a nice smoked gouda, or more of a Wisconsin cheddar?)


Phollower said...

Holy crap I'm a deer.

And the cheese is definitely Furmunda cheese. You know where you get Furmunda cheese right? Furmunda my balls. Admit it, you love me.

Party Girl said...

Ph: You have no idea how much I needed the snot to come out of nose right then.


So, does Furmunda smell like a nice smoked gouda or more of a Wisconsin Cheddar?

Just askin'.

Phollower said...

Smells more like feta. That fine combo of mold & feet. Odd how good it is, huh? The feta I mean. Not the Furmunda.

Great, now I want cheese. Boy do I love cheese. Pretty much every kind.

Man, I want some cheese.

Party Girl said...

I do loves me some cheese. I do. I really, really do.

The actual kind of cheese. Not the Furmunda. No. That cheese is bad. Very bad. Me no likey that kind of cheese.