Tuesday, January 30, 2007

why not make it a four person party?

The other day I got to thinkin'. Yep, that tremble you felt during the mid-day, that was me having a thought.
With 36 people vying for the Dem's and 48 people vying for the Rep's not to mention all of the independents who are all wishing, hoping, and praying to become the new stupid in the big house, why not make the race a little more interesting, the conversations better, and most importantly allowing those of us who care, a second choice on the ticket? Instead of one person from each party to choose from in terms of a president come election time, why not have two people from each side to choose from, thus a four party candidate ticket?
Instead of having a debate with only two candidates, why not have a debate with four candidates? Sure the TV ads would be over-whelming, the bs would be deeper than ever, but I also think it would make the candidates work harder for we, the people.
Also, instead of simply giving us 5-second sound bites perhaps...and I know this is crazy, but perhaps there might actually be something worth listening to and talking about. Maybe, again, just a thought, with more choices come election day people would actually get off their tookes and go vote.
Choice, choice is always good.

So, whatchya think? Brilliant, I know.


limpy99 said...

Brilliant except for the part where that's kind of how Aaron Burr almost got elected President.

I like "The Daily Show" take on it. "Indecision '08: Clusterfuck to the White House"

Party Girl said...

Limpy: I said it was brilliant, not perfect.

Egan said...

You're smoking crack again aren't you? America loves its two party system.

GirlGoyle said...

Why not make it more than a two party race? Democracy means giving the power to chose to the people...but when you only have a choice between bananas and apples...isn't much of a choice. How about all those people who are a bit one way and a bit the other or maybe somewhat more moderate or centric instead of die-hard republicans or democrats? And how about using one's head when voting? I just cannot understand those people who are say born republicans and therefore will vote republican each and every time no matter weather they agree or disagree with their representatives and their program. In grano salis - use your heads!

Party Girl said...

Egan: I do love my crack.

Seriously though, I don't think America or American government would ever go for this kind of change, however, I think it would make the system a lot better.

GG: I agree. More choices can be a bad thing, but it can also be a good thing. I'm sure there would be flaws, as there always are. I also still think it would come down to a popularity contest and who has the most money...as it does now.

Solomon Kane said...

The history teacher in me has to say that we live in a constitution based federal republic, not a democracy (sorry). There are many people who do run for the White House... in the last election my favorite was they guy who stated he was a space alien and only had one name like Zog or something like that. There is a great website that lists all the candidates during the election cycle.(http://www.politics1.com/)

I like your idea about the debates... open them up to the likes of Zog. I bet more people will watch them.