Tuesday, January 02, 2007

yeah...I'll have to get back to you on that

So, I've been way productive, way creative, and way relaxed on this here vaca I've been on. Yah-daddy, boy-howdy, and pickolo Joe, has it. However, there are a few things that I'm considering, thinking about, coming to a conclusion on, and just in general been mulling over. All of which I'll have to get back to you on in terms of the outcome and conclusion thereof in regards to. (Wow. That sounded all fancy-like.)

I've consumed an outrageous amount of alcohol in the last 10 days. "Large amount" would be even big when it comes to my standards. Most of which, yet not all, has been by myself, alone in my apartment...which I believe is a true sign of an alcoholic. So. I may have a problem. I don't really think I do, but that may be the denial talking. Most of what I've consumed has been in the form of red wine, which is good for the heart, so actually, I'm doing my body good. Course, grape juice would have the same effect, but let's not get technical. There's also been a few beers, which is really just liquid bread and well, who doesn't love bread? I'll get back to you on how the AA meetings are going.

Over the past couple months I've lost about 20 pounds all of which was gained as a result of being in school four-five nights a week along with working 40 hours a week. I think all 20 pounds that I've lost has been in my boobs. I've gone from an overflowing 'D' cup to a smoldering, yet not overflowing 'D' cup. My only comment to those around me has been, "My god, were they just ginormous before?" Apparently the answer to that is, "Yes. Yes they were. I was lugging around some big guns. I liked to shot them and then pretend to blow them out. Now, not so big, but still pretty huge. I don't know, maybe I need to take some comparison pics. I'll get back to you on that.

Movies I've seen in the past 10 days: Pursuit of Happyness: Inspiring, motivating, Will Smith's son deserves a nomination.
Apocolypto: If you want to be exhausted and vomit afterwards, then see it. If not, don't.
The Good Shepherd: Good detailed movie. Good story, great acting. Very detailed. About 45 minutes longer than it needed to be.
Dream Girls: Amazing vocals, good acting. Beyonce is very plain without make-up. I plan to see it again with my gay. The first time my gay and I were in the third row, that is way close for all that glamour and drama. I'll let you all know if it just as good, or better at a distance.

I'm currently looking into an MFA program in VT. The state is picturesque and they seem to love their maple syrup. They're also way friendly in terms of the gays. My kinda place. Stages are still early. So, I'll have to get back to you on that.

I've mailed out about 28 copies of two of my stories. That's worded funny...I've mailed out two of my stories to 28 publishers. I am sure one of them will think I am the most brilliant and talented writer since that last new and hot writer whose 15 minutes are starting to flicker out so, it's my turn. Again, I'll have to get back to you on the fame, royalties, and publicity appearances. Hold on, Matt Lauer is calling my name from the bedroom. So I'll have to get back to you.

...K, I'm back. I tuckered 'ol Matty's ass out.

I've always wanted to join the Peace Corps so I've looked into it some more. Apparently I can get assistance in terms of a Graduate degree and such. But, there's that whole volunteer bit that the Peace Corp seems really, really stuck on, so you know, no fundage. I hear when it comes to dating, men lie about their income and women lie about their age and weight. I'm honest about my age and weight and I lie about my income. I'm poor. Actually, po'. I'm so poor I can't even afford the 'o' and the 'r.' So, I don't know if picking up and leaving for a free gig would be the smartest move right now. But I would love it. I really, really would. I'll get back to you.

I will absolutely positively be going on some sort of serious vacation this year. Some serious traveling and road trips. I just don't know where or when... or where or when. But, definitely somewhere. And starting in May. I would like one of the places to be Greece, but you know....

In the past two weeks I've painted three large canvases and one small one. I don't know if I have any talent in the painting realm, but it's all subjective anyway, but god damn do I love it. God damn. When the last one is finished I'll post them, cause I know you all care. When the art galleries start calling I'll let you all know. After the 15 minutes are over y'all still love me, right? Cause I'll go back to being all humble and stuff, I promise.

I've met someone new. He's a really nice and successful man. I'm not over Mr. London and I don't know when I will be. The new man is very nice and it's still very new. Still more in the friendship realm than anything else. I'm trying to give him, along with myself, a chance. Still very new. Heart still hurts. Emotions still there. Heart still hurts. I'll let you know.

I've signed up for three adult ed classes, which start in January. I signed up for them because I haven't been able to enjoy and do things that I've wanted to do and enjoy in over two years. I'm going to take: Belly-dancing, because I think it sounds way completely too fun and sexy as hell. Chess. Yes, chess. I've always wanted to learn: chess, fly-fishing, and poker. It's an odd combination, but true. I'm crossing one off the list. Last one is: Tai Chi. Again, because I've always wanted to learn and I think it will be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. I'll let you know.

I only have one (insert all curse words you can think of, here) class left and then I grad-u-ate with my degree that shows all of my kanaledge. ...and then the repaying of the student loans will start so I's got ta figure out a place to go for my Master's therefore putting off the repaying of said thousands of dollars all at a low fixed interest rate. All as yet to be determined. I'll get back to you on that.

On NYE when everyone was saying how good or bad 2006 was for them, I honestly couldn't recall much about the year. Not much at all. Not because I don't think there was anything exciting or what have you about the year, but because it was truly all a blur. Except for the last 10 weeks, it was all a blurry-eye blur to me. In looking over the past year in my handy and dandy daily calendar, which I log everything in, there were a few events and names of men that I couldn't recall in the least little bit. Is that sad, uneventful, outrageous, or simply not worth remembering? At least I have the blog to refresh my memory. I think 2007 is totally going to rock my world and be way more than I can expect and comprehend right now. I am looking forward to each and every day of it. I'll keep you posted.

I hope the last couple weeks, your holiday festivities and everything and anything in-between was way rockin'. You're all rock stars and I look forward to sharing the new year with each of you.


puerileuwaite said...

That's okay PG. Everyone deserves at least one major binge in December. It's just a bullshit, depressing and stress-filled time of year. Factor in the other crapola that you've been dealing with, and you had one hell of a perfect storm.

But now we're in January of a brand new year. Tough times don't last / tough people do (sorry ... even yours truly is entitled to at least one cliche!). You'll soon enough be with your dream guy in your brand new life. So cowgirl the fuck up and get yer sexy ass in gear!

And ... now ... I'm all distracted ... thinking about ... your boobs ...

Solomon Kane said...

Can you post a picture of your new art?

puerileuwaite said...

BTW, who the F*ck is "Picolo Joe"?

TrappedInColorado said...

Create a pal account because I am going to buy one of your paintings for that amount of money we mentioned earler. It should help you with your vacation and such.

Party Girl said...

P: Yes, yes I have had a time. I'm not normally one to admit something like that, but yes. The last semester, the last 10 weeks, *heavy sigh*
But, the last couple weeks have been really, really great for my soul. My soul, my mind, my spirit, my attitude it all back.

Picolo Joe is just something I say. "Are you ready to go, Picolo Joe?"

Solomon: I very much intend to post pictures of my latest. For past pictures and paintings, you can check out my other blog: aviewintothelife.blogspot

Trapped: Oh, you are so on. So on. Color me delightedly flattered and deliciously tickled.
Any particular colors you would like? Otherwise, can the rest be left up to me? I have a series of vaginas you might like.......

Karl said...

Brains, belly dancing, AND poker? I humbly beseech you to reconsider my application to date you.

HST said...

I went to vermont once when I was working at a summer camp. I don't know if it was just the fact that I was not around screaming rich children, and i was eating ben and jerry's AT the factory, but I LOVED vermont:)

TrappedInColorado said...

PG - Colors? I have no decorating theme in my house.. maybe just subdued? ;) Set it up, babe!

Party Girl said...

Karl: I am reading over your credentials as I type.
You're lookin' gooood.

HST: Something tells me I would like it also.
I'll get back to you on it.

Trapped: I am currently in the middle of one and then I am onto yours. Again, color me deliciously tickled!

GirlGoyle said...

Wow...you have been pretty busy. If your year starts off like this, this one might end up being a blur too. Pretty soon you'll be using your new found skills of Thai Chi, poker, chess, and fly fishing as a retiree. You live it up girl!