Friday, January 19, 2007

the one question I will never answer

I will answer anything. I will never voluntarily give out information, but I will honestly always answer anything. Anything except one question. I will not answer this question because it is too subjective. I also will never answer this question because there is no right answer, the question has only the possibilty for wrong answers. The answer is also no ones business.
The question, how many people have I slept with?

See, here's the thing. First, who the hell cares. Second, there is no right answer. Third, too subjective.
Here's what I mean by the subjective part. Say I answer, ten. OKay, there is an immediate reaction to that. Why only ten? Really, ten? Jesus, you've slept with ten guys? Crap!
The same is true for 30, 18, 60, 303, 12, 88, 22, 48, 77, 105, 1001, 98, 16, 26, 518, 202, 34, 6077. And on and on.
What might seem like a lot to you may be a weekend for me and vice versa. Also, and I could be wrong about this, let me know if I am, but if, by chance, a guy does know my number and mine is higher than his then doesn't it just go into a whole, Chasing Amy, thing? You know, I have more experience, can't satisfy me, I'll know more...blah bullcrap?
Plus, it's just a dumb question.
and why does it matter?
and who cares?
I've had guy friends who have told me they would never date a woman who has been with more than five guys. To which I reply with a laugh and say, good luck with that. I then finish it with a, and how many girls have you slept with? Guessin' more than five. Hypocrite.
But, it's also been pointed out to me, that yes, all of those are valid points, but by not answering the question I am actually putting more into the person's head. Like, Shit. She's slept with a lot of people and she isn't comfortable answering and she feels all guilty about her number.....
That's too much thinking. But, am I? Am I putting that out there?
Not that it matters.
It's a dumb question.
and why does it matter?
and who cares?
Cause I'm not answering.
However, feel free to ask me anything else.


TrappedInColorado said...

How is your art coming? Why is the sky blue? Why can't women think like men? Why can't I think like a woman? Who's in charge here!!!!????

puerileuwaite said...

Awww, c'mon PG. Hell, even Lindsay Wagner admits her "sleep number" on those damned commercials!

Okay, seriously? It's a STUPID and irrelevant question for all of the reasons that you mentioned and then some.

Simply asking that question is an ominous sign of immaturity and a lack of focus on what is truly important in a successful relationship. A sure sign that you should cut and run.

And let's face it: as long as yours truly gets to be one of the notches someday, who cares how much sawdust is on the floor?*

(* Like it? It's mine. Oh, you don't? I got it somewhere else then.)

Party Girl said...

Trapped: there is only one of those that I can answer: my art is going awesome.
Your painting: I finished it last night. Then I stood back and looked at it and one side isn't lined up. I'm not happy about that. I bought a new canvas today and will start on a new one. I can't let you have a PG original that isn't perfect. (Ok, not perfect, but to my eye perfect) I'm hoping to have it finished by Wednesday at the very, very latest.
Again, color me so very completely flattered!

P: I couldn't agree more. It shouldn't and it doesn't matter. It's not anything.

Another stupid question: Who was your best lover/best sex? Of course there have been differences...thank god. However, my best sex is whatever sex I am having at the moment. My best lover is whoever my current lover is.

HST said...

What position do you favor? There's what I think is a Good and not dumb sex question. preferably I like being on top but i didnt say "favorite" for a reason, I just favor that ya know?

Party Girl said...

HST: Exactly! Such a better question.

Top, top, being on top.
Cowgirl and
reverse cowgirl.


Phollower said...

Do you wear the cowboy hat for that? How about spurs? Maybe those leather chaps I got you for x-mas a few years ago. Ooops, I wasn't supposed to tell anybody about those was I?