Wednesday, January 24, 2007

just askin': all of life's little coincidences

Have you ever noticed that when something happens either in a good or bad way, or when you're not sure about something, it somehow just keeps appearing and coming up over and over again?

For example: When I was trying to decide on a career change; I received a wrong number at my office and a new career opportunity literally landed in my lap. The new opportunity was exactly what I was pondering over. Ta dah!

I wasn't sure if I should try to go to Greece and Italy for a graduation present to myself. Every freakin' travel program, history program, and travel magazine I came across was about Greece and Italy. Okay, got it.

A person I'm thinking about suddenly calls or emails, seemingly out of nowhere.

Life is trying to tell me something, but I'm too busy to hear the message. So life throws me in a wheelchair for 13 weeks to quiet me down. I am finally quiet enough to listen. (Okay, so that one was really specific to me...but whatev.)

I meet someone and they take a job in London.
I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the word "London" since that decision. (Every freakin' day, several times a day, would be how many. But who am I to count and be specific?) Mere minutes ago would be another example of that specific time. A former instructor of mine, a favorite former instructor, is doing a semester London. When it was announced that she would be the one in charge, she asked me if I could go as it is a select number of people who are chosen. I can't because I have to work, last semester was supposed to be my last semester, and that all important fundage. She just walked by and I stopped her and I heard all about it. The semester abroad in London. How she wishes I could go. And here I am in vapor of green smoke known as jealousy. And there is that word, that place again. London. Oh well. It wouldn't have worked out anyway as I didn't graduate and I would be in London when my last class starts. But still. Poop. Poop stain poop.

So, do you notice these things too? When there is something looming over you. Some unanswered question, some sort of glitch in your life, do you notice all of the signs? All of the words that somehow keep popping up? Or do the words and signs keep popping up because we are simply more aware of them, but they really have nothing to do with each other?


limpy99 said...

For fuck's sake woman, go to London!! Don't make me put your ass in a wheelchair again!



Party Girl said...

Dear Fate,

You seem very hostile.

Wise, but hostile.


TWA, flight 109, to London.

Pyrhonik said...

Y'know, I have debated this one in my own head. I've often thought I'm crazy cuz of it. The answer to your question is YES! And I don't know what to make of it. I romatically believe that karma can subtly guide us if we choose to listen. So, on that note, about 2 years ago, I started to act on these recognitions and let them play a part in my choices. Whether that is crazy or not hasn't been proven so far. But it bugs me a little less.

Party Girl said...

Py: In what way have you followed the hints, clues, ect? If you can explain. I'm sure it's a hard thing to put into words.

sonia said...

I noticed you dropped me from your blogroll. Any reason for it ? More here.

Pyrhonik said...

Now if there is a choice to make which I am hedging on, I will let signs play a part in the decision, where I never would have before. This is indeed difficult to give an example for. Mostly as I am going through the course of my day, and the facets of my decision are rolling over in my mind, I will take note of indicators that I keep track of and let influence my decision. These range from wildlife that show up out of the blue to a recurrence of certain numbers. With each little signal I gain confidence on a direction to go with my choice.

I hope that explains a little bit. This really needs a better explanation, I am just pressed for time at the moment!


Party Girl said...

Sonia: It had to do with the sexual nature of your blog, ala the "big brothers" at work. Nothing personal at all. If you notice I also changed the name of my blog to make it more work friendly for myself and for others to check out at work and also at home.
It sucks, but it's the nature of the world at the moment.

I still visit your blog regularly.

PY: Thanks for trying to explain.

For me, the signs are more words, TV spots, movies ect that have to do with what I am pondering over. As in: if the story line matches something that I am going through, but it's not planned I literally just flip the channel to something and there it is. Or a magazine article about a place I am contemplating visiting or moving to.

Literally, the things come into my life in some way and hit me in the head.

Party Girl said...


PY: here is an example: I was flipping channels and came across the movie, "Say Anything" I hadn't seen it n years and forgot the basic story line, so I watch it.

The basic story line is: she receives a fellowship to London, he moves with her after only kowing her for a few months.
Which is exactly something I am contemplating over at the moment, only the roles are reversed.