Monday, January 08, 2007

a little help with some must see tv, please

"OHMYGOD!" I can't believe you don't watch "Heroes!"

"OHMYGOD! I've been in school getting an edgeumacation!"

Okay, so as of last week I'm hooked on, "Heroes." But, last week was a marathon run starting with episode five,(I think) so color me a little lost.

I realize I could go to or a blog or something, but where's the fun in that? I would much rather have you all explain it to me.

Okay, the blonde chick with the dual personality, what the dilly-yo with her?

The guy who saved Claire at the Homecoming game, what up with him? And how and why did he get hooked up with the druggie who paints.

The pixie lookin chick who told the dark figure who killed the other cheerleader at the homecoming game, she good or bad? I'm guessing bad, but this is about superheroes, so one never can tell.

Who the hell is Syler (sp?).

Reading of the minds cop guy: is the blonde the only one who knows about his ability, and why does she know?

Why is the cheerleader so damn important, or do we know yet? I realize, save the cheerleader, save the world, I get the slogan. Just askin'.'s about this. How's about you alls just clue a girl in. Thanks. Thanks a ton.


GirlGoyle said...

I'm clueless...have never even heard of "Heroes". And now that I know that it somehow revolves around a cheerleader and something about them being able to save the world...well I probably won't ever know what you are talking about. Just wanted to drop in and say Hi...sorry I have no insight into the world of Must See TV. Yikes! Makes you sort of wonder what is so must see about it huh?

Solomon Kane said...

I saw that there is a Heroes season summary disc out there. It brings you up to date. I saw it offered on If you don't have netflix they offer a free trial period.

puerileuwaite said...

"Why is the cheerleader so damn important?"

Party Girl, I can't BELIEVE you actually wrote that.

She's a CHEERLEADER for Chrissakes!

What's next? ---> "Was Einstein really a good scientist?"


Party Girl said...

GG: having been in classes every night of the week for the past two years, I have very little "Must see TV." However, this show has me hooked.

Solomon: Thanks, I just may have to check that out.

P: So..? Was he?

Joefish said...

Blonde chick: Niki's twin sister died many years ago. I don't recall them being completely clear about it, but the sister may have been killed by their father, and may have died taking punishment for Niki. Niki's 2nd personality may be this sister's spirit (or something) or Niki may just be nuts. But the show's about super powers, not crazy people, so I've gotta go with the sister thing.

Guy who saved Claire: Peter (brother of Nathan) has no true power of his own. He mimics the power of those near him. When he's with Nathan, he can fly. When he's with Claire, he can heal. Once while with Mohinder, Hiro appeared to Peter on the subway. Hiro stopped time and apparently teleported in from the future. Hiro told Peter "save the cheerleader, save the world." He did not elaborate. Peter is obsessed with Isaac (the painter, who is managed(?) by Peter's girl Simone) because of what his paintings might tell him about the cheerleader and about Peter's own death.

Pixie chick: Eden is a bad girl. She works for Mr. Bennett, Claire's father. Her ability is that she "pushes" people, like in a flashback when she got out of an arrest by making the cop (Matt) go for donuts.

Sylar: Sylar's power is in understanding how things are broken. When the elder Suresh (Chandra) first begins looking for these people, he finds Sylar but doesn't understand his power. Sylar ends up killing him, but only after learning how to duplicate powers... he has to find a super and analyze what's different about their brain. Every time Sylar kills, he becomes stronger.

Psychic cop: Audrey (the blonde FBI chick) is the only person who knows about Matt's abilities. She found out after she arrested him at a crime scene. She didn't believe that Matt "heard" the hiding little girl when he was managing traffic outside, while none of the detectives in the room heard a thing. Now they're a sexually tense crimefighting duo!

You gotta know I ♥ you. That's a lotta damn typing.

Baron Ectar said...

LOL - you will get it eventually - there are others hidden throughout the show as well - you have to look for them!

Party Girl said...

Mr Joefish: So crushin' right now. When I saw the email, then when I saw you hit all of my very vague points with such detail, yeah...crushin'.
Thanks, honey. It makes much more sense now!

Baron: Oh, I'm hooked. But, like always, my one and only class....Monday nights.
Poop stains.