Friday, January 12, 2007


You know, there are many things that point to the fact that I'm not a traditional student. Subtle laugh lines around my eyes, the slight fading of my hair color, the fact that I actually go to my classes pay attention in class, and then actually participate and do my homework. My GPA. My lack of whining about this thing or that, which may be causing trauma or drama in my life at the moment. The fact that I actually have bills and not pretend bills, which are really just figments of my imagination. The fact that I have a rent and car payment. That I no longer think pizza constitutes a food group in and of itself and will be just fine for all my meals.


Another indication would be that apparently I listen to the news. More specifically, the weather report.
Yesterday it was a balmy 60 degrees. Today it is a nipple falling off, boogers freezing in the nose, cold.

Me? I'm bundled up in my most wintry of winter coats complete with gloves.

The traditionals? Shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops and really do I even need to say it? Of course they aren't wearing a coat.

Sad. My age is completely apparent on these days.
..and thank god for that.


limpy99 said...

Did they all have their snowsuits on yesterday?

Pyrhonik said...

It was -37°F when I stepped outside this morning, so I put on a coat!

Reading this made me smile.

Have a great weekend!


GirlGoyle said...

Ha! So true. Sometimes it's so apparent that wisdom comes with age. Or maybe it's comon sense that does.