Thursday, January 04, 2007

just askin'

In your daily life and in everyday situations are you the lead or the best friend?

Are you the person who's head strong and takes charge of the situation or the side kick with all the great one-liners leading the laugh track?

The person who doesn't take any poo from anyone or the one who always gives someone a second chance?

The talker or the listener?

The one who cries or the shoulder whose leaned on?

Me? I think I'm the leading lady who just happens to also have all the amazing qualities that a best friend holds.

...and you?


puerileuwaite said...


I'm the Lone Wolf. I'm no-nonsense and take charge during the day, and shoot for the laughs after-hours. I usually try to get people to cooperate toward a common goal. I listen until I can formulate a plan to accomplish the immediate objective (remember: I'm a Lone Wolf, so it is all on me to manage the situation and take charge as needed). I'm usually the shoulder to cry on.

I haven't thought about these things in quite some time. Thanks, PG.

TrappedInColorado said...

We'd make pretty good best friends, I think. Is that possible with you with a straight guy? :)

Will said...

I always thought you were the other half of the amazingly diabolical evil genius duo that is PG AND WILL!!!

Phollower said...

I'm the best friend, one-liner type. The listener, not the talker- though I prefer not to be either. I avoid conflict like the plague.

Actually I go through most of life simply hoping not to get noticed. And when you're as good looking and personable as I am it's pretty tough...

Jay said...

Life is situational. The way I deal with anybody depends on them. Every "type" you describe I can be, depending on the person. My circle of friends is large and dysfunctional. I sit in the middle, ever the gleeful hedonist/sadist/masochist, enjoying it all. I had a friend once tell me that she has never felt such opposing emotions for the same person. She loves me because of my gentle, good natured, fun loving style. And that she hates me for my "apparent schitzophrenia": becoming self-serving, boorish, and aloof at the drop of a hat.(My roommate Jules says I'm just a stereotypical Libra.) I can enthrall you in one moment and appall you the next. My internal editor is mostly out to lunch.

In short, I am a hard person to know. But once you do, you'll never have a more loyal friend to love and be annoyed by. :-)

Party Girl said...

P: No, problem. That's what I'm here for, to make you think of things and remember those long forgotten thoughts and memories.

...all the good ones, of course.

Trapped: Eck! Best friends with a straight man? Hmmm, I don't know. Nick is convinced I'm a gay man trapped in a hot woman's bod.

However, believe it or not, it has happened. I have actually been best friends with a straight man once..twice...a few times.

Will: Yes, but the thing about being an amazing diabolical evil genius duo is that we can't let the others know.
Geesh, way to let it out of the bag.
Way to be all top secret and stuff.

Ph: Okay, curious, how does one go through life as neither the talker nor the listener? Do you just wander around aimlessly?

Jay: I agree life and friends are all situational as to who I am. Some I am the listener and nothing more. Others I am the talker. Some I share with, some I don't. Some I am the clown..okay with most I am...some I am the serious thinker. It all depends on my mood, the person, the place, the setting, and the conversation taking place.
Many, many moons ago I was called the Chameleon. I think it still fits pretty well. Back then it wasn't meant as a compliment. Today I would gladly take it. I mean, if a person needs you to be the listener and your being the talker, or any of the other things when the moment doesn't call for it, then what kind of friend are you? What kind of person are you?

miss_lissa said...

well, I'm the girl who usually ends up dancing on stage at the clubs, with my friends hootin' me on if you can call that take charge of the situation. lol... sometimes I just follow along for the ride and sometimes I'm the bitch at the front of the pack.
I don't take Poo from anyone hatin on one of my friends, but I always give those I love a second (3rd..) chance.
Look at the long ass reply here mkay. ;) Obviously Im a talker, but I also love to listen. Being a friend is give and take you know?
But, to be honest.. I hate having people cry in front of me. It makes me cry too.. I'm the "hey now, no tears" gal.
Thanks for poppin by!

miss_lissa said...

oh, shit.. no anony comments. Anywhoo don't click on the blogger link it's dead but its just me from


Baron Ectar said...

I do not really have many friends - but I have made one very good one recently and I love the fact that she listens to me - I hope that I do her just as much justice in return.

Thanks for the reminder.

Bre said...

I'm the leading lady, though I think I'd prefer to be cast as the engenue!

HST said...

hmmm...I think I'm usually the leader, the headstrong one in my business and social life. But in romance? I'm totally the sidekick cockblocker....woot.