Tuesday, January 09, 2007

just sayin'

I truly believe I am giving myself Carpal-tunnel

...and it isn't from typing papers.

Yet I am strangely stress-free.

Wrist pain, no stress. Wrist pain, no stress. Wrist pain, no stress.

Repeat as needed.

As often as possible.

As directed by PG.

Maybe I should come with a Surgeon General's warning.


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Dad said...

I have told you many times before, I would gladly help you out with that problem. There is no need for you to do that level of damage to your wrists. I am always available for you.

HST said...

Dear sweet thing.......get yourself a toy! or 5! Then there is no wrist involved. check out www.spicygear.com, I'm telling you they have good stuff and quick shipping:):)

Party Girl said...

Marvin: thanks for stopping by.

Waves:....(getting a piece of paper)...now, what's your address?

HST: Oh honey.
Honey....do you really think I don't have a toy?
Do you really think I don't have two, very large, boxes filled with toys of various shapes, lengths, material, specifications, varioations, and need requirments.....really?

Hence the dual wrist action(s).

Just about threw my neck out last night...totally worth it though. Totally worth it.

limpy99 said...

High school+Whitesnake video+Tawny Kitaen=Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Egan said...

Gauche ou droit?

HST said...

yeah. I don't know what I was thinking.......I pulled my calf muscle last night.......but yes TOTALLY worth it...