Thursday, February 16, 2006

bullshit breakthrough of the day

You know when you know something.

You know it.

Every fiber of your being knows it.

Yet, you don't want to realize it, admit it to yourself yet.

But you know it. Know that the, whatever it might be that you don't want to admit to yourself or realize or be honest with yourself about whatever, it's true.

You listen to the bullshit as it's being vomited up to you in conversation. You listen, but you don't hear it. You can almost see the vomit of the words floating through the air.

Still, you choose not to know it. It's not really affecting you one way or another, so what difference does it really make?

Then, one day out of nowhere you're hit with the vomit of bullshit.

WHAM! Right in the middle of your gut. The kind of jolt that even takes you by surprise. You weren't expecting the ball let alone the jolt. Where did that come from?

Hit with a ball of bullshit.

Your not really surprised by the ball of vomit and bullshit that you've been hit with, but it still makes you break into a cold sweat. Not a big one. Just enough to give you a chill that no one would notice but you.

Then you can't deny it.

Your gut hurts from the blow.

Your covered in it.

All you can do is stand up, strip naked, step into a hot shower, and wash yourself off.

and make a note that you won't believe the lies again.


Jay said...

Any particular line of bullshit?

There are many.

Will said...

This post makes me want to use hand sanitizer.

Party Girl said...

yep and me too.

Intense said...

Those lies are hard to wash off at times too.

Party Girl said...

intense: yes, yes they are.

Will said, that this post made him want to take a shower afterwards. Good, that's what it was supposed to make you feel like. If it made you feel like that then imagine how I was feeling at the time that I wrote it.

Intense said...

It's like bust out the firehose.

Party Girl said...

amen. I did. I am completely cleaned off from those men.

thanks everyone for listening and being good blog friends!