Thursday, February 16, 2006

observation of the day: hummers

If you drive a Hummer you may want to stop reading.

Unless you are in the military and it's painted in some shade of camouflage there is absolutely no need for you to be driving a Hummer.

Taking the 2.5 kids to and from daycare or to and from anywhere does not require driving a Hummer.

Grocery shopping or shopping of any kind does not require driving a Hummer.

Driving in the streets of suburbia does not require driving a Hummer.

When I see a Hummer driving on the streets of suburbia or in the city or wherever and if the people driving are not in military gear I have one thought: small penis.

If the Hummer is completely blinged out I have a second thought: super small penis.

What is it that you're trying to prove? That you have a huge disposable income? A need to show off? Penis issues? I think you're an idiot.

Hummers were not meant for families, grocery shopping, soccer practice. They were meant for the military.

Get over yourself.


Will said...

There's a pizza joint in Milwaukee that uses a H2 for a delivery car.

No, I'm not joking.

Party Girl said...

that's economical. I wouldn't order from them simply on principle.

Jay said...

It's a shame that most Hummer owners never put their vehicles through its paces. Hummers are actually really well made. I've driven both the Hummer and the Army's Hum Vee. The Hum Vee has a diesel engine and can tread water up to the top of the engine's breather pipe,(5 to 6 feet.) The civilian version can tread up to 2 1/2 feet. I drove the Hum Vee in France during Desert Storm. Some Army soldiers let us drive them around for a couple of hours.(I was in the Air Force.) I drove through a small pond that brought water up to the windows! No problem for the Hum Vee!

If only all SUV drivers would use 'em like they should.

Kilt Trip said...

There's only one reason to EVER use the word hummer as far as private citizens are concerned...and it shouldn't be the vehicle you're driving.

Party Girl said...

Rob: that's why I kept saying "driving a hummer" I knew where you all would take it if I didn't add that one little word.

...and I agree