Monday, February 27, 2006

floating on cloud 29

I found out at 9 a.m. today that I am the first runner-up in a creative writing contest!!!!!!!

This is the first thing I have ever entered.

Therefore, the first thing I have ever won.

I won $50.00, an award, a luncheon ceremony, and I will be published in a writer's magazine.

The essay that I won with is also the essay that I am sending out later today. Total coincidence. I was planning to send the essays out today and it had been so long since I entered the contest that frankly, I didn't think I won.

...but I did.

I did! I did! I did!

Oh, my cheeks are going to hurt so bad from grinning by the end of the day.

Big, huge cheesy ass grin on my face.

I am literally floating.


I could cry.

But, I won't.

I've teared up a little, but no tears have been shed.

Not yet.

Cloud 29.


Ho-Me-G said...


Mikey said...

Good for you. There is a creative blog writing contest April 10-14 see for details. You go girl!!!

Party Girl said...


I am still floating on that cloud!

Mikey, thanks for the link, I am checking it out!