Tuesday, February 28, 2006

factoid of the day: Roman emperor, Claudius and his wife

While her husband, Claudius was away, Valeria Messalina turned his palace into a brothel, charging the male public she serviced the standard legal fee.
She also challenged a popular Roman prostitute to a contest to see who could have the most sessions within a twenty-four-hour period.

Messalina was the winner, by 25 men.

Those Romans, so ingenious when it comes to sex and their free time.

God bless them.
Wait, they were pagans. Well, some god would bless them.


Mikey said...

I hope they were all good looking.

Party Girl said...

amen to that.

At least with them being Romans they were clean.

THE DUKE said...

Did Claudius ever find out??

Party Girl said...

She had quite the reputation as a whore, so I would assume, yes.

Party Girl said...

when they married he was over fifty and she was a teenager, which was very common. However, her name has become synonymous with vices and lusty woman.

She was eager and very willing to exploit her husband's weaknesses to gain more political power for herself and she was quite hated by the Roman people as they thought the wife of the emperor should be pure and virtuous, and she was anything but pure. Therefore the Romans wanted her out of power.

She divorced Claudius securing her next marriage with even more power and influence and saving her and Claudius's life as they would have surely been killed by the people of Rome.

Her next marriage was so cleaver that she secured herself in a powerful postion for another seven years before she was finally killed by her husband. Her new one, of course.

...perhaps more than you asked for. It's not even Inner Dork Thursday either!