Wednesday, February 08, 2006

no bananas where harmed in this post

I always feel slightly sexual when I eat a banana.

Images of sucking cock run threw my head.

Unwrap the banana
peeling one side then the other until all four sides are exposed
watching the tip go into my mouth
feeling the head on my tongue
moisture in my mouth as a result of my saliva glands kicking in
my lips close around the head
my tongue raises slightly, pressing against the bottom of the shaft....

I always feel slightly guilty when I bite down. Or when, after I peel the banana, I break it off. As if I have harmed the banana in some way.


Party Girl said...

jay: I swear, last mention of food.

Jay said...


What Party Girl doesn't know is that we've secretly replaced her ordinary banana with a nice ripe COCK.

Let's see if she notices.

Party Girl said...

I thought it tasted different.

Jay said...


Joefish said...

You make bananas sound good.

Party Girl said...

blogger is fuckin with my comments today,

my comment originally said, it tasted "saltier."

marriedman said...

holy fucking shit baby.

come here, let me fuck you

wavslidn said...

You have such a way with words - and bananas.

Party Girl said...

thanks, baby