Wednesday, February 22, 2006

sexcapade: mpic and I, a girl's night out

The night started out innocent enough, but I could feel in the air that that is not how the night is going to end up. The night never ends up being innocent when it comes to my partner in crime and I.

I left my key for her behind the, "welcome," sign on my front door.

I am still lying in bed. I'm not asleep, but I don't want to get up either. I want her to walk into my apartment and crawl into bed with me.

I hear her let herself in and make her way into my bedroom, she drops her things by my armchair and then crawls from the foot of my bed up to mmy pillows and curls up next to me, she lays her head right next to mine.

"Hello, beautiful." I say with my eyes still closed. I'm naked under the sheet and she knows it. She lowers her face to mine and greets me with a kiss on the lips. Nothing overt, just a nice, "hello, beautiful," back.

We lay there talking for several minutes, flirting back and forth, kissing; she lifts the sheet to look at me.,my naked body.

That's all it takes.

We lie in bed teasing each other, teasing with our lips, our tongues, our fingers. Her clothed body pressing against my naked one. Holding the back of each others head with a handful of hair, pulling and tugging just enough to get each other wet.

I roll onto my back and pull her on top of me.

I pull her shirt over her head, slip off her bra and I feel her nipples harden as they touch my tits.
When I feel her hard nipples rub against mine, I wrap my legs around her hips. She knows she's not going anywhere, but I like it when there's no miscommunication.

....more later.....


Jay said...

Did my spine comment inspire you? ;)

Party Girl said...

it certainly didn't hurt.

My back and side of my hips is my sweet spot, so your comment on the spine, very nice

Casper said...

I found on one person in particular the spine could do a lot of things.

A lot...

Party Girl said...

ah, the back. Neglected way, WAY too frequently.

Move around to the side of the hips, applying the slightest touch, light kisses, feather light touches.

My body raises, begging for more. Wanting more. Trying to reach your mouth with my hips, my back, silently begging for more..

Mmmm, warm breath along my sweet spot with the feather light touches....