Thursday, February 16, 2006

cheesy pick up line

Can I buy you a drink?

....of course.

My purse thanks you.


Rolakiki said...

A girl I work with is a real party girl and she said she never has to pay for drinks. She has a great personality. Not what I would call bubbly, but full of energy.

Party Girl said...

bubbly and full of energy, perpetually perky, that's be me.

Kuflax said...

I used to work at a bar in one of the 3 major drinking districts in Milwaukee, and the bar that i worked at was usually the busiest place on the block.

But one night before it got busy, all the employees were hanging out at/behind the bar making small talk, when this smoking hot chick came into the bar by her self.

One of the bartenders made small talk with her, and her friends were going to be arriving in a few minutes. Before they got there, some abercrombie wanna-be comes up to her and askes her if he can buy her a drink.

She looks right at him, and without missing a beat says:
"Sure you can. But do I really have to drink it with you?"

Some of us couldn't hold back the laughter, which didn't help his embarassment. He stammered something along the lines of 'Well, I guess not'.

What made it even more funny, was that he slapped 5 bucks down on the bar, then motioned to all of his friends that they had to leave.

The bartenders STILL talk about that one to this day.

Party Girl said...

Kuflax: YOUCH!...but funny.

The ladies are gonna start hating me and I'm not doing myself any favors either, but really, buying me a drink? So, now what?