Monday, February 06, 2006

just breathe...

To say I needed a mental break is an understatment. To say I needed a weekend to just sit and be, again, understatment.

Saturday I had to be at work at 7:30 in the morning for some extra fundage.
I was finished by 1:30 and ran some errands and went to the parent's house.
Came home.
Worked on homework.
Tried to write, (my personal essays and such)
At 6:30 I made a homemade pizza.
At 7:30 I realized I wanted some homemade chocolate chip cookies.
At 7:31 I realized I didn't have any flour.
At 7:35 I realized the craving wasn't going to go away.
At 7:36 I called my mom to see if she had some flour I could borrow.
By 7:45 it was very apparent she wasn't going to bring me the flour and I had talked her into making homemade carmel popcorn.
At 7:55 I was walking back into my parent's house to make cookies. I showed up in my 'pajamas' (I sleep naked, pajamas are to be worn before bed) which consisted of a pair of cotton pants that say, "hello, my name is high maintanence," a huge sweatshirt, and then I had on a newsboy cap, my coat, and ballet slippers. My first words to my mom? "Aren't I a picture?" "Yes, yes you are."
Mom had already made the carmel popcorn.
By 8:15 cookies were in the oven.
By 8:16 she and I were on the couch watching the cheeseiest of cheese whiz on a cheese nip smothered in velvetta movie on the, Hallmark channel. I made fun of the movie the whole time. We shared the mixing bowl of popcorn. Ate a plate of cookies. Around 9:15 I said, "I don't feel good."
I left around 10.
I was in bed by 10:30
I slept 12 hours. (yep, 12 hours. The only reason I got up is because my body couldn't take it anymore, however my brain wanted more)
Yesterday I cooked, painted, watched a lot of old black and white movies, took a shower at 5, (yep, 5pm) Went back over to the parents and walked into the garage to find my brothers and step-dad gathered around the wood-burner, TV, table full o' food, and fridge sitting in their recliners, watching the Super Bowl. (Yep, the garage. It has a wood burner, fridge, TV, VCR, DVD, and various snack items at all times, and a pop machine full of beer. The fridge is also stocked full of beer) I sat with all of my brothers and watched most of the game.
When it became apparent who was going to win I went inside and watched "Ferris B." with my mom.
Made it back to my place by 9. I sat and vegged some more.
Slept for 6 hours.
TodayI am strangely very hungry. I think I missed out on some vitamins this weekend, but my brain rested and that's all that matters.
I am back to my, somewhat, normal self.
..and exhale....


Intense said...

To funny I have a shirt that says 'hello my name is high maintenance'

Jay said...

Damn you.

Damn you to Hades.

*picks up coat to go to store to buy chocolate chips*

At least I have flour. ;P

One last note: sleeping in the nude, good. Maybe I'm the one who needs to take a road trip. Cookies and a nap sound good to me!

Party Girl said...

Intense: cute.

Jay: so how were they, The cookies?
Note to Jay: Must make road trip, must take road trip

Wait: new note to Jay: must find out where roatrip will be first.

Jay said...

I'm thinking the city of smelly onions would be my road trips' final destination.

Cookies were great. Though I made the mistake of leaving them in the houses' main kitchen. Yummy chocolate cookies + four children + seven roommates = No more cookies.

Party Girl said...

Jay: would that be in IL or WI?

damn roomates and their kids too.

Jay said...

Me: Livin' large here in the land of beer and cheese. (some would "cheese and beer". I have my priorities!)

You: Livin' in the land of Lincoln, tollways, and governors who lie every four years claiming that if you vote for them, they'll get rid of said tollways. ;)

As for the cookies, I've come to expect that if I leave food downstairsit'll be gone within a day or two. Sometimes I'm counting on that fact.