Tuesday, February 07, 2006

observations of the day: my walk

It's more of a strut really.
There is definitely a swishing back and forth of my hips.
A definite jiggle to the bosom. (could be the bra, but I'm going to take all the credit anyway)
A certain confidence in the swing of my arms and the placement of my shoulders.
Stick me in heels and a skirt, forget about it.

I need my own soundtrack.
I wonder what my song would be.


Jay said...

"I need my own soundtrack.
I wonder what my song would be."

Theme music, every good hero should have some.

Party Girl said...

you called me a 'hero.' (blushes)

Casper said...

A woman in heels and a skirt is not easily forgotten.

wavslidn said...

Theme music?

80's porn of course! Those are the best tunes out there.

Party Girl said...


In the worst acting way "Did you order a pizza?"

"Yes, but it seems to be missing sausage"

"Would that be Italian Sausage?"

wavslidn said...

Exactly! You want some pizza? I have it hot and just the way you like it.

Jay said...

Damn you people!

All this sexual innuendo and all I can think about is, "Damn I'm hungry! Pizza sounds really good right now!"

This is a blog about sex! No food!

Arrgh! ;P

Party Girl said...

wavs: I bet you do.

Jay: you can always combine sex with food. Messy, but still fun.