Monday, February 13, 2006

living the high life

Where to begin?
So between the Perfect Dick, the married men hitting on me, the Out of Towner and I being over, as of last week, and just the general game of dating I was having a tough go of it for the past couple of weeks. I knew I needed to get back out there, but I was having trouble convincing myself.
I needed a fun weekend without bullshit with some of my guy friends.
I kinda got that on Saturday.
My best friend, and for this post his name will be James because he was my driver for the night, he knew I needed to get my drink on (that's right, I said, 'get my drink on') so he drove me to and fro, but didn't partake in any of the drinking. (Yes, he is awesome)

South Side and KC and I go back a few years. They are part of what was my Thursday night guys. There were four males and myself who always went out every week. The gang has since disbanded as KC moved to, duh, KC, South Side married and has two kids. Van had an affair and I was the one to be the first to know as I was there the night it started and it was blantant and right in front of me, Quiggly well, Quiggly is still Quiggly and goes by himself if need be. Then there is me. I'm still me.
I met my friends, South Side and KC at the German pub. All was going well. I simply wanted (needed) to go and have some laughs and not worry about getting hit on. To prove this, I wore a t-shirt, pants and of course my heels, but no cleavage or anything form fitting was in sight. I just needed to go and have some fun, drink too much and not worry about anything.
We sat at the bar laughing and chatting and drinking the dark ale. (lots of the dark ale)

At the pub I meet lots of nice young men. I love the pubs. The male to female ratio is certainly in my favor. Plus, less bullshit.

After a pretty healthy tab at the pub we decide to go to the 70's bar. We walk there. In the snow. Me in heels and a hoodie, them in full winter coats, yeah seems fair.

We went from drinking the expensive dark import to drinking Miller High Life (again, it's a cheesy 70's bar, the whole point of the bar is that they serve shitty 70's beer) several drafts and a few shots later....I'm pretty sure I have alcohol poisoning. Domestic, import, Jager mixing, bad, very, very bad. (burp)
I met a young man at this bar, but didn't remember this fact until about 2:00 yesterday. Yeah, it was a meaningful love connection. I think his name was John and he looked all of 21 he said he was 27 (sure). Obviously there wasn't any sex. I would have remembered this. I was drunk, but not that drunk.
I also find out that a couple of guys who use to be part of our little gang and would come to my weekly house party have stated that they have slept with me. One of whom would be Quiggly. Again, Quiggly is married. I would never do anything with a married man (knowingly) I then spend several minutes, it felt like hours, defending myself and stating that it wasn't true. South Sider and KC finally believe me.

Closing time.
South Side disappeared into thin air and KC and I walk back to the German pub so James can pick us up.

KC then spent the entire walk there and then the next 15 minutes while waiting for our ride trying to talk me into going back to his hotel room. AH, no.
A little background on KC.
KC is a handsome man, a very tall man, a smart man, however, he will turn a girl out faster than any guy I have ever EVER met before. Literally the cum and go man. I was not about to become this girl. He was starting to wear me down to the piont that I was about to say I would make out with him, but right at that moment I was saved by James pulling up.
Dropped KC off at the hotel.

James takes me back to my place.

We walk into my apartment to the phone ringing.
It's KC.
I then spend the next 5-10 minutes on the phone laughing with him and telling him I will not be coming back to his hotel. No. Not going to happen. I am drunker than drunk, my words are completely slurred, no. I'm not going to be one of your girls. No. No. No. NO!
I finally hang-up.
According to the caller ID he called a total of four times.
I will be speaking with South Side today to see what story KC concocted.

I pass out around 3
I throw up stomach juice at 7:30
I go back to bed until 11
I take a shower
It was A LOT of work to take a shower. I sat down in the shower at one point.
I go back to bed wrapped in a towel.
I sleep for another 1.5 hours.
I am convinced the high life is killing me.
I need my greasy food sure fire hang-over cure.
I need to leave the house to get this cure.
Wow, the sun is so, so very bright.
I think when I was throwing up my brain ricochetted off my skull, cause wow, my brain hurts.
I some how make it to the drive-thru.
I order almost $10.00 worth of fast food.
With the first sip of Dr. Pepper I can feel my energy come back.
With the first three fries I feel my blood begin to purify.
I inhale the double hamburger.
I devour the fries.
I drown myself in the pop.
I can't wait to get to the chocolate shake.
Oh, and cheese sauce for the fries!
WOW! my energy is back. I feel as if I could conquer the world at this point.
I had the shakes for the rest of the day, which I'm sure was the alcohol poisoning seeping out of my shaking body and evaporating into the air.

Despite the fact that I had to defend my Party Girl name, I had a good time. I got back out there, out into the game again, back into the saddle. Proved to myself that I've still got it. (apparently four phone calls, still got it)


wavslidn said...

I think KC was a bit on the horny side! You should have teased him at least a little bit - you are no fun.

Nothing like a good hangover to let you know you had a great time.

Party Girl said...

oh, KC got a good razing from me on the phone and in person before James showed up. If South Sider finds out about it the razing will never end. I was trying to be a good girl and not lead him on too much.

Will said...

1. Sucks about your friends not acting like very good friends, sorry.

2. Of course you still got it.

3. C'mon, please! Please! C'mon. Sigh. C'mon, please. Please! Sigh. Please. C'mon, just for a little bit. C'mon. Please.

Party Girl said...

Will: hey, is your name KC, cause add some laughing, slurred speech, and that was pretty much the converation.

Jay said...

Are you SURE you don't want to go back to the hotel?

I promise I'll bite.

And bark.

And whatever else is required. ;P

Party Girl said...

jay, you're so accomidating.