Monday, February 20, 2006

triple dog dare: asking someone out

In the name of, my life is fabulous and does not suck I've just been in a funk and I am here to get out of my funk and to motivate others to get out of their funk with me and to get back out there in the dating world (I am no longer referring to it as a game. I believe that was part of my problem) I am going to start the weekly triple dog dare.

I want to know how you do each week on the dare and I will, of course, tell you how I do as well.

So, this week's triple dog dare is: Ask out anyone who you find interesting. Anyone who intrigues you in the least little bit. If you were to ask out every person who you thought about asking out or dared to find out more about them how would this affect and change your life?

So get out there and start asking people out! I already have two people in mind that I am going to ask out this week. We'll see how it all works out.


Kilt Trip said...

So, does inviting someone home with you from your favorite pub count, or does this have to be an actual "date"(with actual quotation marks)?

Party Girl said...

did you do "stuff?" (with actual quotatin marks)

Did you get out of your current comfort zone?

do tell.

and of course it counts

Kilt Trip said...

Hehe...yeah, I did stuff. There were no quotation marks involved. I did stuff falling asleep, I did stuff when I woke up. It was sex with a REAL LIVE WOMAN!!!! But hwat I said on my blog still holds true. I need to get out of this town and find people who haven't slept with people I know.

Party Girl said...

Rob!!!!! I am so happy for you! No more scary man in the basement! Sex, dirty, naughty, hot sex and while you were asleep, awake and stuff.

Yeah for you! Way to do the triple dog dare!