Tuesday, February 07, 2006

hottie of the week: Gwen Steffani

Cool. Fun. Cute. Glamorous. A girlie-girl while still being a guy's girl.

She can write songs from her dairy about her break-up with a member of the band and make millions of dollars from them.
and he has to hear her sing it over and over again.
She reminds me of an Alberto Vargas pin-up girl.


Will said...

Blah! I haven't liked her since she went hip-hop. Puh-leeze. She use to be ska/punk/rock and now she's doing cheerleading chants? Blah!

Party Girl said...

Oh come on. Not even slightly cute? Forget the music. Just look at her.

I think she's purdee.

I do like that she can hang with an all male group. She's my kinda gal.