Wednesday, February 01, 2006

true confessions: sexcapade: jesus, please forgive me

With all the talk about forgiveness and, Jay, you quoted the Bible (sort of) I felt this one fitting:

When I walked into Jesus class (that's right, Jesus class. A class I am currently in) hoping the shame of sex was not as fragrant as I thought it was on me, that it was not apparent to those sitting right next to me that I had just been on my knees moments before and trying to cleanse my brain of the impure thoughts still racing through my head, I spent the entire two hours, instead of listening to the Christmas story, praying that, God, would not strike me down right then and there.



Jay said...

I'm going to hold my thoughts and opinions for now on this one. While, generally speaking, I'm not very good at self-editing, I'll plead the 5th and say that if you want my opinion on this subject, feel free to email me with any questions.

Will said...

On your knees doing what? More detail is needed to clarify why you felt he might strike you down.

wavslidn said...

Is being on your knees a normal way to prepare for class for you? I like where you are going with this.

Party Girl said...

only when I pray, right before my Jesus class.

Will said...


Party Girl said...

and you know I would be lieing.

Jay said...

Ok. I'll give my two cents here and I'll do my best not to stray too far from the appropriate context.

I am of the belief that religion in general is a detriment to society and especially in the area of sexuality.

Sex is one of the most beautiful things you can share with another person and religion goes out of its way to make you feel bad about it. Unless, of course, you're married and are procreating. Sex out of wedlock is dirty and shameful and a sin. And women feel the brunt of this. I've had sex many a time. Have I ever been called a whore or tramp? I can't say that I have. How many women engaged in similar acts can say the same?
I was raised with some religion and am guilty of thinking of promiscuous women as sluts and whores. As I've gotten older and have come to terms with the fact that there is no invisible man in the sky, I realize now that a woman who proudly expresses her sexuality is beautiful and is deserving of our utmost respect. If you like to fuck, be proud of that fact and don't ever let anyone shame you into thinking any differently.

To answer your question about your accidental adultery: with him having lied to you, in the eyes of the Lord you are free from the sin of adultery. However, you had sex with a man you're not married to. Therefore, you have committed the sin of fornication.

And if you like to fuck, my number is...;P

End rant.

Party Girl said...

Jay, you are a beautiful, beautiful, intelligent man.

I can not stand the double standard of sex. Why, because I am open and honest and like to have sex, which I am open and honest about and being incediably safe and responsible about, am I a whore? A man is a stud. I don't get on a soapbox about much, but that can get me going.
See the newly updated profile which I found nec. to update earlier this week. (hateful people) Nuff said.
I agree with you about religion. It was a short lived guilt and had more to do with the timing and I found it funny.
The class would be a core requirement needing to be filled and it fits that core requirement.

Party Girl said...

also, I like that, "My accidental adultery" how many people can say that?

I do like to fuck, I am proud of it and I can be found at......