Wednesday, February 22, 2006

hottie of the week: Alberto Vargas pin-up girls

I like the flirt more than the overt. The pin-ups of the 40's and 50's are all about the flirt. Plus, they have curves. Curves are awesome. Something to hold onto, grab onto.

I have several of the pictures framed in my apartment. Lovely.

The girl's look all sweet and innocent, but you can tell from the look on their faces that they have a whole other side to them.

Huh, sound like anyone else you might know?


MrHinge said...

Yeah curves are awesome. I like my women to have nice curves. It is nice to have something to hold onto as well. Just aslong as she's not a fatty. I think to many fat girls out there try to relish in the idea that "Big is beautiful," or "Big girls have curves." No! "Fit beats fat any day," and it's healthier and you'll live longer. I'm ranting on my Fitness and Health thing, sorry. Vargas had it right though, Women that are nearly perfect, not to big not to small, and the Hour Glass bodies that were to die for.

Party Girl said...

yep, the hourglass. The hips, the thighs, the breasts. Shows she's a woman. Nice.

I like some of the pin-up are that is done today, but it's all about the boobs in the paintings. Now, we all know I love boobs, but it's almost too overt for me. I like Vargas because it's very flirty and fun sexy, not over the top. It's innocent while being suggestive.