Wednesday, February 01, 2006

completely off the subject and out of nowhere: school, american idol and stupid college football players

School: 15 credits and 40 hours a week of work. I know what I was thinking, I do. I know why I did it, but seriously. When I was speaking with a classmate and this was brought up and the shear look of, "Holy hell..?" came across their face. I simulated a gun to my head and told them I take an ice cream scoop of crack with my ambilical cord of coffee every morning. (must get through February. Must get through February..)

American Idol: Can these people really not hear themselves? I know I can't sing. I've heard my voice. I sing best in my car alone with the windows rolled up and the volume very loud. With the music like that, I too am a rock star, but at no other time while singing am I a rock star.

College football players: Actually, this could pertain to any sport and a lot of players. I'm not going to reference which player, because the point is there are a lot of them that fit this bill. You have a scholarship. You play for a Big Ten. You have a free ride. You have some glory. Why do they continue to fuck it up with stupid ass mistakes? I realize they're in college. I understand the reality of college, but ah...again, scholarship, free ride, Big Ten, glory....wouldn't you do anything and everything possible not to fuck that up?

....and I'm done. We will now resume the sex, dating, relationship, friendship, opposite sex talk.
Thanks for listening.


Allen Forbis said...

the college athlete,

most of them work hard, and realize what they have going, but those that have been pampered all their life, they have no idea how childish and imature they are. this is true for all facets of the entertainment business, for instance, michael jackson.

Kuflax said...

Maurice Clarett, Lawrence Phillips, Brent Moss, Adrien McPhearson, Tommy Washington, Troy Smith, Marcus Vick, Booker Stanley.... should we keep going?

They've been told that they're better than everyone else, so after hearing that a thousand times, they're gonna believe it.

It's just fucking stupid.

Party Girl said...

Yep, I agree with you both it is. On the pro level? Where do I start?