Friday, February 03, 2006

these are a few of my favorite things

...did anyone break into the song from the "Sound of Music?"

Since I have no man for the up coming Corporate America inspired holiday known as Valentine's Day, I've decided to let all of you know, with plenty of notice, what some of the things are that I would like to receive:

flowers: Red roses are too over done. Too predicatable. No planning, not to mention the mark up in price. Daisies and sunflowers are my favorite and to receive a huge thing of daisies would be perfect.

chocolate: dark. Or to be used in a warmed liquid form during sex. (visual comes into head)

alcohol: Stoli vodka (can't go wrong) if you're feeling frisky, Jager is always good as well. Beer, well c'mon are you romancing me or fucking me?

lube: Ky warming liquid. $10.00 and worth every penny. Good alone or with a partner and to lay a man down and work his body with it, oh baby. Then he lays me down and works me..ooohh, baby.

latex: as in the liquid form. I've never tried it, always wanted to, any takers?

toys: glass and I will be posting a picture of the one I would like next. However, I am at work and they frown when I download porn. (picky, picky)

white cotton sheets: ahhhhhh

violet wand: and just use your imagination. (brain filled with impure thoughts)

candles: to burn, scented are always nice. (perhaps to be used simply for the wax)

music: Sinatra, is always going to win me over. Dean Martin, is a good one for Valentine's Day.

bubble bath: just because oh-my-god, that would feel so completely won-der-ful right now. To be surrounded in a hot tub of water and bubbles, candles, with a man..... (sighs heavily)

a weekend in bed feeling spent: in the best way. Using and having all the above and having hour after hour after hour of amazing dirty, naughty, kinky-ass, mind fucking blowing, sex. Laying in bed naked under the white cotton sheets in the king sized bed, hair tosseled all over the place, and a look of complete, total, and utter satisfaction on my face and realizing when I get up to leave on Sunday that I haven't had any food in three days and I just realized it because food or simply leaving the bedroom was the last thing on my mind.


Intense said...

Hey girl...don't worry I got you covered on the flowers. Have a great weekend:)

Jay said...

It's funny that you mentioned liquid latex...

I help with a BDSM show up here in Madison called Kink(ed) and this month's stage show: liquid latex! (last month was flesh hook suspensions!)

Oh, hey, lookit here! I just happen to have a bottle of Grey Goose and a violet wand here at the house!

You should stop by.

ZAP! ;)

Party Girl said...

intense: thanks girlie! Lovin the new name by the way and the look of the blog!

Jay: well, then you're just the man I need to know! How'd you like the latex?
Flesh hooks, I don't want to look like a fish who was just caught. (I realize I totally opened up the door on that one, let it pass on by..walk away from it)
violet wand? Vodka? Note to self: must make road trip, must make road trip....)

Intense said...

Yeeeeah thats the ADD inside me! Thx

Anonymous said...

Dear Party Girl, thank you for commenting on my blog, Onania Journal. I am pleased to add your blog to my blog roll. As a chronic masturbator I have a more restricted range of interests than you cover in your blog, but I do appreciate its quality.

Party Girl said...

thanks for the compliment!....masturbation has been a BIG topic for me lately..not nec. by choice....

AeroAangel said...

i'm with all except for the latex...i'm allergic...sorry.