Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'll give you five bucks if you jump in

"Okay!" I say, giggling as I take off my shoes.
"You have to go all the way in. Completely submerged." He's totally kidding, but I think about it. Really think about it.
He walks away and I look at the fountain.
I look at the cool water as it beckons me. I imagine myself completely submerged under the water.
I walk over to the fountain.
The sun glistens off the pool of water.
I look up at the blue sky, not a cloud in sight.
I feel the coolness hit me as I dip my foot in. I watch the ripples move away from my toes.
The water goes up to my calves.
The shock of the cold water on my warm flesh makes my body tingle. The tingle races through my body as I slide down to my knees and lay back in the water.
I float there in the summer sun.
I plug my nose and dip my head back.
My hair floats around my head making it look as if an ink-well has been spilled.
After several seconds, I come up for air; slicking my hair back with my hands as I take in a deep breath as a look of complete childlike satisfaction crosses my face.
My skirt floats like a lilly pad out around me.
My shirt clings to my chest like a wet suit.
Goose bumps rise on my skin from the cool water as the sun isn't warm enough to make this a refreshing jump. It's been more liberating than it has been refreshing. Completely liberating.

I feel my arms and shoulders relax.

My heart slows down.

My mind stops racing this way and that.

I sit in the cool water with my skirt out around me. I sit there with a completely satisfied look on my face.

Completely at peace.

The fountain turns on and the sound of the water shooting up into the air snaps me from my daydream.
I smile at how relaxed I am.
The thought of, "Why not?" exits my brain as I start to slip off my shoes.


Mark said...

wow. that is a great mental image.

testing said...

if that is photoshoped i did not do it. as far as i know that guy did do that with his finger. ooooohhh what a yucky guy

Pyrhonik said...

Kinda like rinsing off stress! I like it.

GirlGoyle said...

Very Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita. Aaaah....Rome.

wavslidn said...

Right on - I love the water! I was down at the beach this weekend and it just felt like being a kid again.

Party Girl said...

Mark: Thanks. Truly, I thought about it yesterday.

pyr: Exactly!!

GG: Very, La Dolce Vita. Somebody come rescue me!

Waves: *sighs with jealousy* Why is it when we see a kid jumping and playing in a fountain we think it's sweet, cute, innocent. But when an adult does it she's lost her mind?!?!?!

wavslidn said...

I dont have a problem at all with you jumping and playing in a fountain - just as long as I can jump in too.

puerileuwaite said...

YES! Kooky, classic, black and white, European film reference!

Way to go, girlgoyle! You rock.

I love La Dolce Vita. (okay, I'll settle down now ...)