Friday, June 23, 2006

sticks and stones

Hatred, closed minded individuals, bigotry, belittling through words, name calling, intimidation through belittling, trying to control my space, absolutely postively without hesitation will not be tolerated in my life and that includes this blog.

It has no place in my life.
It has no place in my personal space.
It will not be tolerated.
It will not be left up for others to read.
It will be deleted.

You do not have power over me.

This is MY space.
This is just as personal a space for me as my home is.
This is a safe place for me to post my thoughts, feelings, rants, a place for me express myself through words.

DO NOT come into MY space and think you can get away with belittling me. With calling me names. With using intimidation. It WILL NOT be tolerated. It will not be left up for others to see.

If you go on an rant that I feel is inappropriate in any way shape or form and that has absolutely nothing to do with what I posted and has only to do with defaming me, my name, and my character, it will be swiftly deleted.

For me to post what I did this week and to open myself up, only to then have people come in and try and belittle me, to try and hurt me with words and names, to judge me, to accuse me of things that they know nothing about because they do not know me; WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

This is MY place and MY space. It is a safe place for me. I realize it is a public forum, no shit, it is a public forum that I feel safe in.
DO NOT attempt to take that away from me.
YOU will be the loser, not me.

YOU do not have power here.

YOU are not welcome here.

YOU will not violate my space.

YOU will not take away my power.

YOU will not control me.

YOU will not be tolerated.

YOU do not have a voice here.


ptg said...

I agree, 200 times over.

Notice that I'm now missing a post on my own blog?? Took me a while before I realized I could edit comments.

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

Oh...I thought you were talking about me. But then again, it could just be that I'm an egomainiac and think everyone should be talking about me.

alternate comment
What? All I said was, "Nice rack".

alternate comment #2


puerileuwaite said...

Hang in there. You being yourself is the reason that I come to visit.

Karl said...

Sing it, sistah. Hope their ta-tas or their nads fall off, whoever they are.

puerileuwaite said...

I'm with Tom. I thought it was ME! But then, I'm the one who always looks and acts guilty regardless of the accusation.

BTW, thank you so much for linking me (my first one!). You're the best, PG.

Pyrhonik said...

The world definitely needs less of that kind of people.

June has been a weird month for blogland!

Jay said...

I see that you have been forced to moderate comments on your blog. Suck. The anonymity of the internet causes such things to happen. Liquid courage has been replaced with internet courage these days. People will say things over the 'net that they would never even consider saying to your face. Cowards, the lot of 'em are!!! People like myself are chastised constantly for a "lack of social graces" because I choose to say what is on my mind minus an editor. Yet assholes on the 'net are most often tolerated by the majority of people. Kudos to you for standing up for yourself.

That and... did I mention you have the most lickable back?

Just checking. ;P

ePixie29 said...

I don't mean to assume...but I assume you are talking about those people commenting on the Duke rape case. Apparently, these two have some strong feelings regarding the innocence of the accused.

Please don't let them get to you PG!

Joefish said...

Who is it? We'll unleash the Blog Affiliates of Justice on them.

GirlGoyle said...

I think I is a little lost. But I agree that if you don't have anything nice or constructive to say then we don't want to hear it. Why do people love to start crapy? Phuck'em...Phuck'em all!

Party Girl said...

I assure all of you, it's not any of you. Or anyone on my blog list.

And yes, it started with the Duke rape case and went on from there.
They tried to rake me over the coals on that post, on my own post and then they tried to tear me up on another person's blog. I won't stand for it.

...angry PG is outtie.

Party Girl said...

Also, I hate that I've had to resort to comment moderation. I hope to take that off soon.

Egan said...

Good for you! I had to briefly lock down my blog once and it sucked. I still ban on guy from commenting because he also makes tasteless homophobic jokes. Never fun to resort to this, but it's your space of the net.

Party Girl said...

Egan: I seriously just have to think what kind of lives do these individuals have? I mean seriously. To tear apart someone on their own space and then on another? I mean, good lord!...oh, and my favorite, at all times of the day and night. Seriously. Get a hobby.