Thursday, June 29, 2006

inner dork: The Black Hole of Calcutta

Did you know the Black Hole of Calcutta is one of the most brutal sites of inhumanity in history?

The hole was actually a cell that was 14 feet by 10 inches wide and 18 feet long in an English fort in Calcutta, India.
In 1756 the British and the French were vying for control of India. They each were trying to woo the various princes with money, troops, and promises of power. Finally with tensions mounting an Indian prince attacked the British fort, captured its men, and forced 146 of the men into the tiny cell.
The night's heat was very intense and there was only two small windows for air.
By the next morning all but 23 of the men were dead.
The British swore to avenge the deaths and war broke out.
France was ousted, and the British Empire expanded to include India.


JJ said...

Christ. A claustrophobe's nightmare. I think it's probably best to just fight to the death. Prisoners don't historically get a very good shake.

puerileuwaite said...

I now have a new nickname for my office.

Pyrhonik said...

Thanks for the history lesson. Couldn't help reading that. Now I feel the same way as when I pass by an accident and glimpse a body part.

Party Girl said...

JJ: I had the same thought. I mean, how exactly do you fit that many people into a cell that small. What happened when the men died? What were the survivors doing? How long were they in there.

...See, just more questions.

Pueril: Glad I could be of service.

Py: Again, glad I could be of service.

Can I just tell you all how much I love sharing my wealth of, 'won't do me any good except for when I'm on Jeopardy! useless trivia.' Cause, I love it!

wavslidn said...

I guess we do have a new idea for those "detainees" in Gitmo. Thanks for the history lesson.

Jay said...

There WILL be an outer dork sometime this weekend!!! I swear this to thee, my dearest Party Girl!!!!!!

And now for something completely different...


Jay said...

Outer Dork: "Speaking of dead people..."

Did you know that World War 2 was the bloodiest conflict ever in human history in terms of body count? An estimated 55 million people died between 1939 and 1945. The Axis countries lost 5.9 million military personnel and 5 million+ civilians. The Allied countries lost 18.5 million of their soldiers, (13.6 million of those being Soviets,) 26 million civilians. (10 million Chinese and 7.7 million Soviets.)

We as Americans recall our own losses of that war as if we had lost so many compared to the rest of the Allies. The US lost 295,000. That puts the Soviet Union(13.6 mil.), China(3.5 mil.), the UK(452,000), and Yugoslavia(300,000) ahead of us. Not to mention that the US is the only major player in WW2 not to incur civilian casualties.

Happy 4th to you all and please remember: freedom isn't free...

... the rent is just outrageous! Just ask the Saudis! ;P

Party Girl said...


I am all warm and tingly! I have SO missed the outer dorkings!

Lust ya, baby!