Wednesday, June 28, 2006

please, do not put your seat in the upright position

I'm not a control freak. There's only a few areas in my life where I like to be in control, work ain't one of them.
Territorial on the other hand? Um, yeah. I have territory issues. (*raises right hand while standing. * "Hi, my name is PG and I am a territorialist.") ("Hi, PG.")
All last week and then today I have been filling in for someone. Therefore, since I am sitting in for another person, someone has been sitting in for me. Or, as I like to call it, I have been running to and fro for the last week between offices, computers, and phones.
After wrestling with my office chair all day yesterday along with the computer monitor, as I was back in my office, trying to get both back to where I want them so as not to have the hot shooting pains run through my neck, arms, and back, I was silently cussing the filler-ins.
Then today, as I am back filling in for the MIA person I sat and wrestled with the (not mine) chair all morning. As the, not mine, chair is completely different than my chair, for the life of my blood pressure and the pain that was starting in my left butt cheek, I could not get it to where I wanted it.
Finally, after 2.5 lie..I finally figured out how to adjust the back so I wasn't completely horizontal to the point of resembling a stick figure demonstrating the proper way to sit to be ergonomical. (I like to recline. I like to pretend it's a La-Z-Boy. Where's my remote?)
Then in my moment of glee and happiness it occurred to me, since I have a filler person in my position today, and I know they have messed with my chair and monitor because I saw them and at one point helped them with it, I will spend all day tomorrow wrestling with my chair and my computer monitor, again.
See, just because I feel I can mess with other people's chairs man, don't mess with mine.
(*Raises right hand while standing* "Hi, my name is PG and I have territory issues.)


wavslidn said...

Your office setup is one of the only things that is really "yours" at work. When you come in and something is not just right, it just throws things off. I am lucky I guess, I know that if I am not in my office, no one else is either.

Is that cute cheek of yours still sore? Do you need a massage?

Party Girl said...

Yes, please. Always.

Start with my back..for any confusion on this, see last weeks TNF, then work your way down. Thank you.

Pyrhonik said...

I do the same thing with my chair. After you go postal a few times, everybody leaves your chair alone! I always thought wireless keyboard would be smart cuz I like to tilt the chair into a La-z-boy position and put the keyboard on my legs with my feet up on the desk. Of course issues eventually arise and you have to move, but the cord is a pain in the ass. I haven't checked for this in a while. Blue tooth, maybe!

I don't know what I like more, giving a woman back rubs or ass cheek rubs!

JJ said...

It's interesting in these days of what I like to call the "Internets" you have to leave your desk to do someone else's work. Especially when a hacker can get into your PC from Malaysia in about twenty seconds.

puerileuwaite said...

A while back, in the middle of moving to another office, my shit was out in the hall for a while, and my chair was STOLEN. TWICE.

I got it back both times (the woman who kept taking it didn't know it was my personal chair (that I own)). Women are thieves that way.

Now I don't know if you've ever seen this, but a few years back, SNL did a parody on the MTV reality show (name?) where a group of strangers have to share a house and learn to coexist. Anywho, Bob Dole (played by Dan Akroyd, who else?) ultimately gets kicked out because he's all territorial*(* YES! I "said" the Secret Word!) over this chair. Pushing people out of it and away from it, saying "It's Bob Dole's chair! No one sits in Bob Dole's chair but Bob Dole!").

I finally understood. I felt like Bob Dole. During both retrieval trips, I WAS Bob Dole.

What IS it about chairs?

GirlGoyle said...

I have the same issue with my car seat. I hate lending my car out for many reasons including the simple fact that IT'S MINE! And it irks me to no end to have to readjust the seat, mirrors, wheel, cup holder, mats n stuff n stuff. Ugh! Just...just...just don't drive my car!