Monday, June 12, 2006

showing my love and representin'

This past weekend was our gay pride celebration.

I showed my love to all my gays.

I came, I saw, I switched teams, I represented.

I don't remember much.

However, if my brain beating against my skull like the latest techno track along with my stomach doing some serious flippin' and floppin' in addition to my hands shakin' like my booty is still on the dance floor is any indication, then I had one hell of a good time.

I do remember some key phrases that were said to me.

Said to me sarcastically, with a laugh, dry, humorously, dead-pan, with a head tilt, and in all seriousness: "You are such a fag hag."

PG: "Look at me. I'm not even a gay American and I'm out here showing my love."
Billy: "You are too a, gay American."
PG: "No, I'm not. I just dabble."
Billy: "Dabbling counts."

We had a big name queen doing a show at one of the bars and I was afraid we missed her. There was a mass exodus of men and women leaving the area and I was in a panic.
PG: "Ohmygod! If we missed her, I am so not going to be happy."
Billy: "Simmer down, simmer down."
We then asked a couple lesbians if we missed the show. They were about eight rainbows to the wind.
The really, really drunk butch: "Well, bitches, take out your tits and get in there!!"
I'm pretty sure she thought Billy was a girl.

During the show my ass was seriously being molested by several different hands.
I had on a cotton dress.
I wasn't wearing any underwear.
Wearing underwear simply wasn't a good fashion idea with the dress.
Being in a very, very packed crowd while not wearing underwear while being in a cotton dress = serious ass grabbin'.
No, it was more like some serious unwelcomed anonymous foreplay ass-grabbin'.
I left feeling very, very dirty.
Not in a good way, dirty. It was in a, I really want a shower, kind of dirty.

That's about all I remember from the weekend. I know I took pictures of various events and such. Perhaps when I get home and look at the pictures all will become clear.

....Perhaps I don't want to see what's on the camera. Sometimes not knowing is better.


Metal Chick said...

omg!! I was at a gay pride event this weekend too!! I wrote about it in my blog!! Are you from Brooklyn by any chance :)

GirlGoyle said...

Jeez I got caught up in it once when I was living in NYC. Being clueless I had no idea it was going to happen and I needed to get to work. Needless to say I ended up on the train full of proud gays heading into the Village - what a ball. Ass thank you. Maybe you DON"T want to know on those pics. And if you are too curious maybe you'll share. :)

Mark said...

Cotton dress, no undies, shaking yer booty.. sounds like an Aerosmith video... at least it was only ass grabbing...

Party Girl said...

metal chick: thanks for stopping by! I couldn't find your blog name to revisit you. I've got it now!

GG: Ah, gays on a train. I think tha is going to become a short story.

To share the pics, or not to share the pics. That is the scary proposition!

Mark: My ass and backside and all things that could be reached were molested.

I remembered after writing the post that at one point during the show I looked down and my boob was out of my dress.
A large crowd that was all hands. Hands and various other parts.
All over everyone.
Shower was needed.

TrappedInColorado said...

Check book is open. How much for the pictures? I have not dabbled but my curiosity about what it is like to give a blow job is intense.


Mark said...

Well then, I guess you were hanging out with friends...some you didn't even know you had!
Yes, definitely shower time.

Bre said...

Oh my, you saucy thing, you! Those may be photos you want to develop at home! ;)

ePixie29 said...

PG - I'm not sure if you had a good time or not! All those hands sounds ok, but ... maybe not without the undies! But based on your pic from Friday, I probably would have grabbed your ass too!

Party Girl said...

Trapped: Why haven't you ever followed through with the curiosity?
I would LOVE to know what it would be like to have a dick for a day. To see the world from a man's point of view for at least 24 hours.

Bre: It's a digital camera. I'm safe. Although I do have a few stories about picking up some pictures pre digital. Ah, yeah. Let's just say, I was unaware about what was being shown and the picture package was ripped to shreds and the man behind the counter had a big smile on his face.
When I got to my car and flipped through them, I wanted to die!

..and that's just one story..

ePix: No, I had a really good time.
Thanks for the compliment.
Grabbing is always fine. This was inbetween the cheeks action.

Lots of soap...