Tuesday, June 13, 2006

last weekend: pictures

I'll be keeping them close.
Close to me, that is.
A lot became clear.
More was remembered.
The only one I would be willing to share is a face shot.
Not as in a, money face shot, as in my face in a picture.
I don't know if I want to share.

So, yeah.....


TrappedInColorado said...

Did you hear that? It was a sigh followed by the sound of my checkbook closing. :(

Karl said...

I'm perfectly willing to look over the photos and give you my thoughts about posting them online. Yeah, I'm a very good friend that way.

Neil said...


Mark said...

Now, I never would have thought money shot on the face if you hadn't brought it up. What a teaser :)

Metal Chick said...

boo!! we want pictures!!! :)

Party Girl said...

Trapped: ah, that hurt a little.

Karl: You are such a pal, a bud, a damn fine friend.
But, no.

Neil: You know, I've been told that once or twice (five) (Eighteen)(thirty-eight) times or so.

Mark: I'm a dirty bird. But in the best way.

Metalchick: I know. I suck. Love me?

Joefish said...

I'm going to take the other view. If you're not completely comfortable sharing your pictures, then don't. Keep that fig leaf as long as you want it.

Party Girl said...

Joe: Thank you.
Fig leaf is in place.
Fig leaf will stay in place until I decide to take it away.

I won't ever post something if I'm not comfortable with it.

My blog. My turf. My territory.

That's really been my motto since I started this. I won't delete something, no matter how much I wish I hadn't written it, simply because that post was honest. It was honest and reflective of how I felt at that moment when I wrote it.

This blog is about honesty. Therefore, post, pictures, comments; they all stay.