Monday, June 26, 2006

random act of kindness to myself

Personally, I'm a daisy and sunflower kinda gal.
However, I spoiled myself and went with the roses.

Most days, go with daisies and sunflowers.
Valentine's Day? If you're gonna go with flowers, don't do red roses. No, forethought. None. No, originality either. Just sayin'.


TrappedInColorado said...

Stargazer lillies.

puerileuwaite said...

Sorry about the writer's block, PG. I've been encountering a lot of posts lately containing flower pix, and I've yet to have a witty thing to say. Flowers suck.

But I do like your taste in flowers. Do you wanna know what it tells me? That you ARE low-maintenance and real. I like that.

Egan said...

What if you just don't do Valentine's Day? Then what?

Just messing with you. I've always thought that holiday was a tad "clich├ęd", if you can say that. I'm happy to see you spoiling yourself. I think it's important to pamper yourself from time to time whether or not it's warranted. Kudos!

Joefish said...

I've never understood what people see in daisies. Personally, I associate them with death.

Pyrhonik said...

Roses are my favorite flower, and I think you're correct, everyone has a different flower for an occasion.

These white roses are very nice.

Neil said...

What's your opinion on tulips?

GirlGoyle said...

Good choice with the white roses. They are nice but for some reason we only tend to use them for "occasions" like weddings. But why not just "cuz" - they are very summery at all. Isn't if funny how buying yourself flowers can just change your mood?

wavslidn said...

Glad to see you got the flowers I sent you.

ePixie29 said...

I'm all about lillies especially calla lillies, myself.

But roses are good too, especially if that's what makes you happy.

Party Girl said...

Okay, so I had really wonderful and witty comments for each and every one of you. I wrote them all up last night. However, Blogger being blogger did it save it? Nooooooo. So, here are my witty and wonderful comments, take 2, (who loves ya, baby? Who?)

Trapped: I think all lillies are lovely and very exotic.

Pueril: I am low maintenance. Low.
W...I just look like I'm high main., but no, low.

Egan: Everyone needs to remember to do something nice for themselves. We don't do random acts enough for each other let alone for ourselves.

Joefish: as in, pushing up the...?

pyr: I think they look very elegant and I love the touch of pink on them. I'll dry them out and do something artsy with the petals.

Neil: I like 'em. They say, 'spring has sprung' and it's time to take off the winter coat.

GG: these do have a wedding feel to them, don't they?

Waves: Ah, baby you spoil me. You do. Not sayin' I mind. Not sayin' I want it to stop. Just sayin'.

epix: both are very nice and very classy.