Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I hate it when people have agendas.

Now, everyone has an agenda.
You want the job so you go in and say everything they want to hear.
You want to make your way into the left lane of the freeway. You've waited too long to merge over from the right lane so you smile, showing teeth, and you're waved over.
You want to get closer to the hot new blonde, brunette, redhead, in your office, so you find a way to get closer to her.
You want to get laid, so you get laid. (Seriously, is it hard? I mean to get laid? Insert agenda here, - .)

We all have agendas.
Getting in good with the boss.
Sucking it up and asking a parent for something that I need help with. I do the whole, "I am swallowing my pride don't make me feel worse than I already do.." talk to get whatever it is I desire.
Having the cute Starbucks guy give me a free shot in my, totally new, hot-cool-drink-of-the-month-why-do-I-need-that-much-coffee-anyway, venti.
Flirting with the man at the bar to get whatever it might be that I want on that particular night.
Getting a flat tire and looking all, "Please, kind sir. Please, help poor little me change my tire and let me use your cell phone because mine has managed to die on me for some inexplicable reason." Written all across my face.

Again, we all have them. I get this. I have agendas. I want to get a full-time permanent contract at my job upon graduation. My boss knows this. I have been very clear in my desire in wanting this.

I want to be published often and frequently and make a nice little side gig and name for myself. I am doing what needs to be done to accomplish that.

I want someone else to pay my bills. I would like this person to be nice and moderately good-looking. However, looks aren't nearly as important as the ability to communicate and turn me on. I am now taking applications.

When there have been certain people I want in my life I have willed them into my life. I have found ways to get closer to them. We were then in each other’s life.

Again, agendas, we are all guilty.

However, what I am not guilty of is being dishonest about my intentions when it comes to my agendas. I am honest about what I want, need, desire, hope, dream, and beg for.

I cannot stand those people who have told me they want one thing but then do something completely different. People who pretend and put on a display of show and affection about what they want, but then do something completely different.
They say they just want to be my friend, not true.
They say they just want to get to know me better they have no agenda, they're not looking for anything. Bull.
They say they are looking for a relationship. Oh, please. What malarkey.
They say they are just helping me out. Oh, pooh.

Those people really just irritate me.

Seriously, I'm not naive. Just be honest with me about your agenda. We'll get along a lot better and be better friends because of it. Just sayin'.


Dagny said...

A little honesty can go a long way.

ptg said...

again, it all boils down to the mind fuck -- to hold a conversation, in utter honesty and truth, and not bullshit about a silent (dare I say it?) agenda.

Pyrhonik said...

A long with some solid communication skills.

GirlGoyle said...

Ah the mind games. I just don't have the time or the energy for them but how to avoid them?? "Just tell me what it is you want!" I can't tell you how many times I've thought this. I'm as straight forward as you get. I don't see why everyone else's "agenda" has to be so secretive. Life would just be easier if agendas were open books.

Joefish said...

"Please, kind sir. Please, help poor little me change my tire and let me use your cell phone because mine has managed to die on me for some inexplicable reason."

heh. I am a complete sucker for this.

Yid Erotica said...

Interesting post you wrote.

TrappedInColorado said...

Ok...I'd like to submit my application for the moderately good looking man who will satisfy your bill paying needs. I just need to know what airport to fly into to give you my app.

Waiting with my sexual drive and online banking capabilities! :)

I do like your style!


Party Girl said...

Dagny: yup.

ptg: yes, yes, and once again, yes.

Pyrhonik: Yes they do. Sadly too many people don't have any.

GG: I am as well. I simply do not understand those who aren't as well.

Joefish: I swear, I only plead for help when I really need help. Swear.

Yid: Thanks.

TrappedinCO: I am shaving, I mean, making a landing strip now.