Monday, May 15, 2006

on 2.5 hours of sleep

I went to my damn Saturday morning class.
I was actually pretty awake. I debated about taking the travel mug of coffee.
Then I went and sat for 3.5 hours in class. Yep, travel mug and then some was required.
Although the professor seems very nice, she talks very, very slow and calmly. ...and sleep.
We watched, "Meet the Fockers." We didn't finish it. We'll finish it on June 10th.
The anticipation is killing me.
Good news is that the cutie distraction that was in my last class is also in this one. (Not the seminary kid, a different cutie distraction) Sitting right in front of me. His young gleaming bald head just taunting me. Teasing me. Mmmm, a gleaming baldhead. Daydreams oh, the daydreams.

After class to stay awake I called Billy. There was much, much laughter. At one point I had one hand holding my cell phone and the other hand was holding my coffee that I was sipping from hungrily. Yes, I was that person.

I met Mini-Lloyd Dobler a little while later for, yes more coffee.
I was thinking about turning him into a fuck buddy, but I'm not interested. No attraction what-so-ever. He did make me a mixed CD and the random-randomness of it just made me giggle, but still, I'm not interested.

Billy and I went out Saturday night. So much laughter at one point I was seeing stars and felt like I was from a galaxy far, far away because of the pretty stars I was seeing.
Cocktail, laughter, dancing good friends.
After being up for over 24 hours I came home.

Yesterday I spent time with the lovely Mama M.
I put a small bug in her ear that I am thinking about moving. Although she knows she is the reason why I haven't moved all the other times in the past, we both know that there is a fairly high chance that this time I will.


Joefish said...

You've got a Mini-Lloyd Dobler? I need to start paying closer attention.

Party Girl said...

I do and you do.

We went out on a date and then I decided to just be friends with him.