Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the cable guy

After waiting during my three hour window for the cable guy to show up yesterday and waiting during my four hour window on Friday for the phone guy to show up, today no window, no guy. It got me to thinking. I wonder who and what is going to greet me on the other side of my door after my window has been completed. Because let's face it. It's a four or three hour window, but I'm waiting the full three or four hours.
I have the fantasy. The fantasy of it being some hot guy and the
wa-chicky-wa-wa music playing in my head when I peer through the peep hole in my door. Either being pleasantly surprised, yesterday. And not so much so on Friday.
So, I wonder how many of said fantasies have come true for the person both answering the door and for the guy standing on the other side of it.
The guy yesterday, the cable guy he was cute. Beyond helpful in fixing my cable.
I brought him tools. Because I have tools. I know what tools are.
It was going well.
No ring.
He could have taken it off, or not wear one for his job.
Then when he was out on my deck his cell phone rang.
It was his wife.
Story of my life.
Maybe I need to change my values and morals.
I'd get laid a lot more.
Course, my sleeping at night would go all to hell because of the guilt.
Damn, morals and values.
Damn you!


Jay said...

Morals and values are for the weak-minded and weak-willed.

Boo, guilt!

Booooooo!!!!!!! :)

GirlGoyle said...

I've had no luck with the utility guys...they are all overweight and greasy. Just dawgs! Now even just the thought of doing that would cause unimaginable amounts of guilt. Eeeew!

Joefish said...

I used to be a cable guy (sort of... a computer guy that installed cable modems) and nothing like a porn movie has ever happened to me. I'm at least moderately handsome (by which I mean I get more appreciative glances than I do children recoiling with a whimper), but I never had so much as a sexy vibe.

Party Girl said...
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Party Girl said...

Jay: Are you calling me, weak-minded and weak-willed? Thems fightin words.

Married men, unless it is specified by all parties, are off limits to me. Karma is a bitch and I have seen her ugly head a few too many times. Perhaps I will share those stories some times.

GG: that's just it. You never know who will be on the other side. It's like, "Let's Make a Deal." What's on the other side of my door?

Joe: no, wa-chicky-wa-wa? None. Nada. Nill? Really? Not even a little wiff, sniff or hint of porn? Really? Does this make me dirty then?