Monday, May 01, 2006

vegamatic weekend: i.e. I was too pooped to party

So, as some of you already know I was deliriously tired last week and I was, maybe still am, suffering from late on-set dyslexia.
For those of you who saw it, I do know how to spell: demonstration. Good, girl.

So, I had a big weekend of sex, drinking, and just general debauchery lined up.
However, my weekend consisted of, sleeping. Yep, sleeping. (Crap, does this mean I'm growing up? Health over debaucherous fun? Crap. First sign of maturity. Or old age. Crap.)

Friday I came home and slipped from my work clothes into my comfy lounge around clothes and I was either in my recliner or bed the rest of the weekend.
I slept 12.5 hours Friday night into Saturday.
Mom and I did lunch and shopping on Saturday and I had a drink with lunch. (That was the extent of my drinking this weekend.)
Came home Saturday to take a 2.5 hour nap and it became very apparent that going out on the town was not going to happen.
I ordered a pizza, talked on the phone with Billy and that's all I had time to write.

Sunday I slept 9 hours and took another 2.5 hour nap. Showered around 4. In bed last night by 11:30. Today? Still tired, but I don't think the delirium is quite as prevalent.
Perhaps it's still too early to tell. The day is still early.
Coffee count? I'm on my second travel mug of Joe.
My finals are over in a week. Papers are all due tonight and tomorrow.
Then it's four days of no work, no school.
Then the new round starts. Oh, that brought a tear to my eye and not in a good way.

Okay...I'm done. I need to make another pot of coffee.

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