Thursday, May 04, 2006

cheeseballs, potlucks and the end of the semester

Today is the last day of the work. Sadly, my last day for classes won't be until Monday. Then I get four...yes, four whole days off until my next round of classes start.
I'm super excited about that.
I'm not tired, stressed, cranky, or tired- at all.
No really.
Not at all.
I can't wait to empty my brain of all the nutrients of knowledge only to once again fill it up in four days. FOUR DAYS. For those of you looking at a calendar, yes, yes that would be Saturday. A Saturday class at 8 a.m. I see wet hair, no make-up, coffee, and hang-overs in my future.

A sure sign of how to tell I'm tired and ready for it to end? No need to even ask me. Just look at what I'm wearing to work. I've gone from skirts and stilettos to t-shirts, cargo pants and low-top Chuck Taylors. Today? Pink low-tops to match my pink t-shirt. Oh-yes-I-do. Yesterday blue low-tops to match the blue t-shirt and the day before my black Supergirl low-tops to go with the black t-shirt. (Hey, I still have to coordinate.)


So, as is tradition we have a huge potluck. Nothing brings faculty together like food. Lots and lots of food. Particularly in the form of carbs. It's going to be a very carby day.
So, we have some cheeseball left over from an open house my department had about a week ago. Part of my contribution to said feast of carbs was to take the cheeseball from the fridge and bring in crackers. (I also contributed to the carb fest with a BLT pasta salad. I see a nap later today.) The main thing people seem to be interested in with the cheeseball that resembles a half eaten brain is, "Is that thing still good?" poke, poke, with a cracker.
Now, were talking about old, cranky, been teaching their whole lives and that's been, far, far too long, still pissed off about the Vietnam War, will eat something that's green, blue, pink and purple pokka dotted fuzz in, on and around it. But a cheeseball that has been in the fridge for a week. Whoa! Must poke it first.
"Yeah, it's cream cheese and garlic. It's still good. There's enough garlic in that thing to kill anything that might have thought about growing in it. It has enough garlic to kill a cave of vampires and my unborn children. It's fine."
Poke, poke.
Slap some on a cracker. Mmm, good.

I just sit and roll my eyes. Please, let the vacation begin. Please, let the vacation begin.

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Party Girl said...

Dear lord.
Eight, eight kinds of pasta salad, potatoes, chips, rice, brownies, cookies....
Sleep. Sleep.

Now, I must write a paper on why WWII was the defining moment of the 20th century. Anyone? Anyone?