Friday, May 19, 2006

beer is my friend and I drink a lot of it

So, yesterday I made my way downtown to a new little place that has over 100 beers on tap.
Over a 100.
Sounds like a challenge to me.
I drank nine.
Nine in about four hours.
I feel, no, I think...I am pretty damn sure, I will be going back frequently and often.
I mean there are over 100 beers!
On tap!
At all times!
I think it's good to have goals.
Goals are good.
I also think it is good to have goals that are attainable and reachable.
Goals are good.
Beer is good.
See how they go hand-in-hand?


Joefish said...

Was there more than one version of this post? I think I prefer this version, in spite of the fact that the other version had fish tacos.

Kilt Trip said...

My bar has a total of 96 beers(not all on tap sadly) and we actually have a "fear no beer challenge", an attempt to drink all of them. I have 3 left to go.

Here's to beer!

Neil said...

Will you report back on which was the best?

Karl said...

Are you trying to confuse me? I'm having a huge sense of deja vu.

Acid Lizard said...

"Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza." - Dave Barry

Party Girl said...

Joefish: I did, you're not crazy.
Fish tacos, mmmmmm, good.

Rob: Excellent! you have made quite a dent in the list and you are almost finished!

Neil: so far the wheats have proved to be quite tasty.

Karl: I have you in a are getting sleepy.

Acid Lizard: Nice. And very true.
Thanks for stoppin. Hope to see you again.

GirlGoyle said...

Beer - does the body good. LOL

ptg said...

If you went to the place I think you went to, did you get the punch card to tally which beers you've had?

That rocks.