Thursday, May 25, 2006

three very simple things that happened last night

So, I'm thinking of moving, around this time, next year. Much depends on my job and what kind of contract they can offer me in January. However, I have a feeling a move is in my future. As much as I want to move it involves more of a, talking myself into it a year before it would even happen so that it wouldn't be quite so heartbreaking when I do have to move, kind of move.

I'm very close to my family. I love the fact that I can just hop, pop, stop, and drop in whenever I want to and then just say, "Okay, I'm goin." Ten, fifteen, an hour or so later. I drive by my parent's house at least twice a day as it is on my way to and fro. I love being able to do that. However, I think I will have to leave it all behind.

Here are three very simple things that happened last night that makes it hard for me to even think about.

My bedroom window is broken and needs to be replaced. The new window is ordered, but apparently, from my repeated phone calls to my landlords that have all been ignored, not coming in anytime soon. I'm not supposed to open the window as the frame is broken and the glass is falling out. (Nice.) Well, after several days of over 80 degree weather I couldn't take it anymore. I also couldn't get the window open. Not because I am some poor helpless little girl, but because the window has over 50 years worth of paint on the frame, combined with a thick mixture of heat and humidy, it wasn't budging.
Call my mom, she'll send my brother over.
Less than 10 minutes later my brother is knocking on my door. Three minutes later and with the help of some brawn and a knife, I had a nice cool breeze blowing though my bedroom.

After eating dinner last night I wanted ice cream. I didn't have any. I also didn't want to buy any. I'll call mom, maybe she'll go with me to get some. A.k.a. maybe she'll buy some for me. No answer. I leave a message. I wait a few minutes and decide I will just go over and raid the freezer. As I am walking out the door the phone rings. Nope, she doesn't want any, but come over and see what I can find. Perfect.
I open the freezer and find three, yes, three, kinds of ice cream. Ah, home.

During my birthday weekend the family pet of ten years, Phoebe, had to be put to sleep.
Within a couple of days my parents had a new dog, Sadie; an adorable four month old, four-pound Boston Terrier. She is now five months old.
As I was sitting on the couch, eating my ice cream, my step-dad comes in looking for the dog. She's upstairs. He calls her down. She will only go down a few of the stairs, then lays on the stairs and wants to be carried the rest of the way. He doesn't pick her up. He's trying everything and that dog ain't movin. My parents own an old three-story home where the staircase is open to the living room, so I can see the whole thing.
He says, "C'mon, PG is here." She doesn't budge.
I then say, "C'mon Sadie." She turns and looks at me and bolts down the stairs like a four pound holy terror and tries to jump onto the couch and into my lap. I start to laugh hysterically. Helpless little poser.

Three incredibly simple, simple things. But you know, it those simple things that make an ordinary night great and what makes your family, your family.

Here are a couple pictures of the helpless little poser.


TrappedInColorado said...

PG! This was a very insightful, heartfelt and touching post. Now I'm going to read your post abour pubes between your teeth.


Party Girl said...

Hey, I'm a party girl, but I do still have my occassional touching and heartfelt moments. Occassionaly.

Karl said...

Cute dog. I so need to get me a pet.

GirlGoyle said...

I so totally's the simple things that make it all matter.