Tuesday, May 02, 2006

hottie of the week: Kevin James

Because he's the boy next door.
Because I could order a slurpy hamburger with fries and a side of ranch dressing and he would think it was hot.
Because we could just hangout on the couch with my head on his shoulder and watch a movie we have both seen a hundred times, yet still find funny.
Because he would make me laugh.
Because he would always be just a phone call away when I needed him.
Because he would be my best friend.
Because he would totally appreciate me.

Because he would give me this as a present and I would think it was cute.


wavslidn said...

Your kidding, right? Really, we need to meet.

Party Girl said...

I couldn't be more serious. I think he's hot, and totally adorable.

His character, Doug on "The King Of Queens?"
Too much. He's just the every man, with a great sense of humor.

Him in real life (or at least the things I've seen of him in real life) would make me smile and fall in love.

...and you keep sayin we need to meet. What's the hold up.
Oh, probably my anon status, huh.

Will said...


Party Girl said...

NO, I think he is totally adorable.

how many times do I need to say it?

Apparently three.

wavslidn said...

Yeah, the anon status makes it hard.

See, Will agrees.

You can ask Will, I am way funnier that Kevin James - and so is he. When was the last time KJ saw his feet, let alone his equipment?

Party Girl said...

Okay, so KJ not a big hit and apparently not believeable that I think he's a hottie.

So, I have to ask, why? Why is it not believeable?