Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Through my searches of magazines and such to submit some of my short stories, essays, and what-not I have discovered that there is a high demand for poetry. I ignored most of these because I no longer write poetry. Then, in one of my little, walk into a wall ephanies, it occurred to me; I have notebook after notebook of poetry from my angst filled youth.

Last night I lifted the lid on my cedar chest of past memories and angst filled youth to flip through my notebooks and boy-howdy. I was agnsty.
However, in reading through some of the pages I discovered that for a teenager, some of this stuff isn't horrible. It's not perfect either, but it's workable.
Flipping through the pages I also ran into some of my early erotica writings. I had forgotten all about those.
Later that night while I was lying in bed I remembered that I use to write a lot of erotica when I was a teen. Lying there on my clean white sheets and cold pillows I recalled that my character's name was, "Cherry," and if memory serves she was quite the forceful little vixen who was very much into public sex. Now, I should also say that I was writing about Cherry's various forays into dirty public sex before, I, had even lost my virginity. Which, just makes me laugh.

So young and yet so impure.

Anyway, here is one of the poems from the days of yore, post virginity lost. Remember, I was only 17. (Wow, now I have the Winger song in my head. Your welcome.)

The Temptress takes you in her mouth.
Slowly she guides you to the depths of ecstasy.
She entraps you.
Your mind gets swallowed up, your body goes numb.
Her hair is entangled around you.
In a moment she has swallowed the life from you.

...Short, sweet and to the point.


GirlGoyle said...

Short, sweet and to the point is the only way to go. Good job.

TrappedInColorado said...

Isn't that poem the lyrics to a
Black Sabath song? You should sue them! I'm just saying.....


Party Girl said...

GG: thanks.

Trapped: Are you serious? Are those lyrics to a song? If they are, that's funny!