Friday, May 26, 2006

TNF: True Confessions, Sexcapade, The Night at the Strip Club

Remember that night you and I went to the strip club?

We both have had a very long week and just want a night out on the town. We don’t want or need anything fancy or extravagant, just a nice simple night out to unwind and relax.
We can’t decide what to do. I say, “Let’s go to a strip club.” I say it nonchalant enough that you think I’m serious, but no woman you’ve ever dated before has ever even wanted you to go, let alone been the one to suggest it.
So, when you hear me make the suggestion you’re both amazed and turned on by this and very willing to go with me.

We go into the club and sit up at the bar. Not simply because it offers the best view, but a girl with her boyfriend at a strip club means a good night of entertainment for all involved.
After placing your money on the bar the girls start to make their way over to us.
After giving the girls a few dollars I tell you I want to get a private lap dance and I want you to watch me. You are all for this.
I choose my girl and I take her hand as we go back to the champagne room.
She sits me down and stands between my legs as she slowly starts to grind her hips.
She reaches behind her neck and unclasps her dress.
She slowly, teasingly, lowers the top, lets it hang on her hips and then lets it fall to the floor.
Her hair falls over her chest. She moves her hand over her breasts and then runs her fingers up and down along her side and hip.
She then moves her hand from along her side and moves them to her breasts.
I start to throb.
I’m watching her and you’re watching us.
You’re barely visible, but I know you’re there.
You are off to the side watching all of this your cock getting harder and harder.
I know you are in the room, but all of my attention is on her.
She starts to play with the side of her g-string. She slides it down off her hips.
She gets down on her knees and puts her face by my pussy and slides my skirt up my thighs.
She is looking up at me, watching me, teasing me.
She slowly grinds her way up my body.
She puts her knee between my legs.
My body unconsciously moves lower in the chair and I willingly spread my legs for her.
She moves her knee up and down along my wet pussy.
Keeping her knee in place she leans her body into me.
With her face in front of mine, we lock eyes with each other. I can feel her breath against my neck. The heat from her body mixes with the heat of mine.
I throb.
The bass from the music matches the throb between my legs. With every heavy beat of the music, I pulse.
I lean my head against the back of the chair.
She runs her tits up and down against mine.
I run my fingers slowly along her arms, along her side, her hips, her lower back.
My hips grind against her knee
I take off my shirt baring my breasts and let my shirt fall to the floor.
I am no longer aware that I am in a club. There is no one else in the room except her and I.
I slowly run my tongue along her chest, her stomach, along the inside of each thigh.
I want her.
I want her and she knows it.
She wants me and I know it.
We keep our eyes locked as we grind against each other.
Touch each other.
Get each other wetter and wetter.
I tell her, "I want to feel your tongue on me. I want you to suck my clit. I want to feel you hard nipples in my mouth and your pussy on my fingers and tongue."
She says, "I wants to lick you, to taste you."
We lean into each other our mouths tasting the others breath.
Her hair falls over her face I grab her hair with one hand and push it out of the way. With my left hand I move over her hips, back, thighs and her ass.
I lift my skirt up over my hips
Looking at me, she slides her body down mine.
My pussy is ready for her.
I am sloppy wet.
My legs are already spread for her as she puts her face between my thighs, she sucks my clit.
The bouncers, the other strippers are watching us and enjoying the show.
I open my eyes for a second and see you watching me.
This turns me on more. Our eyes lock in that second and I can feel the heat start in my arms, go up my neck and into my face as I cum again.
She slides her fingers inside me; fucking me with her fingers while she sucks my clit.
My body runs warm as I convulse with each clench of my pussy as I come long and hard.
She comes up off her knees and kisses me, mixing herself with me. Walking past you as she leaves the room; she sticks the fingers she just had in my pussy in her mouth, sucking me off of them as she passes you.
After several seconds I turn my head and look at you. Still having waves of aftershocks you walk over to me, take my hand and we leave the club.

We walk out to your car and I stop at the passenger side door waiting for you to unlock it. However, you open the back door and motion with your head for me to get in. I give you a sly smile as I slide across the backseat.
You lift my skirt over my hips and go down on me.
You want to taste what she just tasted.
After cumming quickly, I straddle you. I begin to rotate my hips against you, feeling your cock strain against your pants.
I kiss you hard on the mouth and I can taste me and her on your tongue.
I unzip your pants and feel the heat of your cock in my hand. You throb for me. Your hand unconsciously tightens around my hair as I go down on you, taking all of you in my mouth.
Your hips rise up with each flick of my tongue.
Lovingly, hungrily working every hard inch of you.
All of you.
Working your balls, sucking them.
Enjoying every moan, groan and gasp you make.
I love your hard cock against my smooth wet tongue. Twirling and turning my tongue all over you, I deep throat you. I Hold you against the back of my throat as I move my tongue over you.
You slide your fingers into my pussy and ass, feeling how wet she made me. Feeling all the times I came. I start to play with my clit and as I do you feel me tighten against your fingers.
I hear you moan as you pull on my hair.
You feel my body tighten as I cum on your fingers and you cum in my mouth. I love the taste and feel of your warmth down the back of my throat.

After several minutes and laughing about the fog on the windows, I give you a wink. I tell you that we should come to strips clubs more often. You agree, completely.


Karl said...


Now I'm supposed to go to sleep?

GirlGoyle said...

Sounds like it started as a slow night and turned into quite an eventful one. :)

Old Man Crowder said...

Man, what a way to start my Friday morning. Thanks for that!

ePixie29 said...

Good lord ParyGirl! You could make anybody hot with this post!

Joefish said...

Damn, what strip clubs are you visiting? In my world, this story would be rudely interrupted by the dancer yelling "HANDS!" and the bouncer making menacing gestures until I behave.

justacoolcat said...

Whoa, hot stuff.

Pyrhonik said...

I am very glad I checked out your website. It is always great to meet a likeminded individual. Great story! Now I am gonna check out the rest of this lovely blog!

Neil said...

I hope you gave that stripper a good tip!

Mikey said...

I'm glad your back and someone cleaned the cum off your template.

Yid Erotica said...

Check out my blog...If you dare that is!

Party Girl said...

I'm glad you all liked it. I know we enjoyed ourselves.

Fungible Billing Unit said...

Nice story! Penthouse love letters has nothing on you!