Wednesday, May 03, 2006

kiddo and fag hag

Here are a couple interesting conversations I had yesterday.

So, The Dick, I see him every Tuesday. His class is right next to mine. No big deal. If I see him I say, 'Hi' but that's it. I'm polite, but I don't go out of my way.
Last night I ran into him about five times.
Once when I was rounding a corner. I said, "Hello." He said, "Hello" followed with a, "hey, how's it going." I didn't respond to the,"hey how's it goin."
Then when I was talking to a fellow classmate in the hall he showed up again. This time telling us to be quite because tests and such were going on. He was basically being a smartass and simply trying to draw attention to himself.
We ignored him.
then he popped up again.
He kept talking to us, "Hey ladies, blah..blah.."
Still ignoring him. Not in a childish way, but she and I were talking and all he was doing was trying to draw attention to himself and to get me to pay attention to him.
Not playing.
Then...then he called me,"kiddo."
Now, there's not a lot of words that I don't like. You can call me some pretty nasty things, (if your kidding) and I won't care. But there is something about the word, 'kiddo' that just grates on me. I don't know if it's that I look about ten years younger than I am and therefore I feel people don't take me seriously therefore I have to prove myself by working harder and dressing more professional than I need to, or what. I just think it's very dismissive. When co-workers, hell, my former gynecologist use to call me, kiddo, really, it grates on me.
So, he called me kiddo and then procedded to ask me a direct question about a class. I answered him about the class, but what I wanted to say and what I would have said had the classmate not been standing next to me was,
"Kiddo? Kiddo. Seriously? You have got to be kidding me. You're what? Two-four years older than me, and kiddo? You've seen me naked. I've seen you naked. We've had sex. Your dick was in my mouth. Your tongue was on my clit. You cheated on your wife, and kiddo. Seriously."

However, that opportunity has passed. I just think he's a loser. I use to think he looked like Ed Burns, now I just think he's a loser.

Second conversation of the night:

My friend Nick and I went out to dinner and for drinks (well, I drank) after our final last night.

Him: I never discuss a straight woman's sex life.
Me: Okay. Um, well, what about me? We've been discussing my sex life for the past 20 minutes.
Him: Yes, well that's because you're a fag hag and a damn good one at that.
Me: (with a tilt of my head and a smile on my face) Ah, thanks, honey.


Joefish said...

You should get that put on a t-shirt. "Damn good fag hag."

JJ said...

For me it was "boy".

Will said...

I will simply just never understand some parts of the gay culture.

Anonymous said...

"Kiddo" has always grated on my nerves too...I never liked that word...even when I was a "kiddo!"

ptg said...

"kiddo" sucks.

but I agree with joefish, "damn good fag hag" would be a GREAT theme for a t-shirt!

GirlGoyle said...

Kiddo doesn't bother me if it's coming from someone who is ancient. Someone whose dick has been in my mouth...well yeah...that would irk me to no end. I've been there and it just pisses me off. As for the fag hag..I think I agree with Will. Just some things baffle me.

Party Girl said...

okay, it's going on a shirt. That's all there is to it.