Tuesday, May 30, 2006

hottie of the week: Mathew McConaughey

It's really nothing more than the teeth and the (fake) sun-streaked golden locks that do it for me.
And the accent.
And the golden skin.
Oh, and the fact that he plays the bongos naked.
That's it.


Yid Erotica said...

Thanks for dropping by my place Party girl. I have linked you on my blog, so I will remember to visit you more often! I hope to see you at my place too! :-)

Pyrhonik said...

He's a good egg.

Yid Erotica said...

Yeah, a hard boiled egg!

GirlGoyle said...

...plays the bongos naked...For real??

Mr. S Baiter said...

sex presented as sex....yummy...

Joefish said...

I could probably go gay for McConaughey.

Party Girl said...

Yid: thanks!

Pyrhonik: A nice one I would like to crack!

GG: yep, the neighbors called the cops on him because he was making so much noise.
The full story is: He was playing the bongos naked while smoking pot.
True. Swear. He didn't deny it.

Mr S Baiter (nice name, by the way) Yes, always yummy.

Joefish: I just crushed on you a little bit for that comment.