Tuesday, May 30, 2006

weekend observations and such

I actually had a four day weekend. I know, hate me if you must. It was nice and relaxing and all in all pretty subdued, for me anyway.
Friday I relaxed and just enjoyed the day. (Actually, I don't remember Friday, so I am assuming that's what it was.)
Saturday I house/dog sat for my oldest brother in suburbia. I was supposed to go out with friends that night, but I just invited them over instead. My brother left me no food. Now, when I say no food. I mean, no food. But, he did leave me lots and lots of alcohol, so all was forgiven. The dog was feeling a bit abandoned and was therefore a hellion on four legs. The hellion also left what doubt I already didn't have, that I am, in no way, ready for children.
Sunday and Monday I relaxed and went out with friends. Nothing exciting, just nice and relaxing. My biggest plans were to work on my tan. As several people have asked me if I spent the weekend at the beach, I would say, mission accomplished.
Today it is back to work and school. My night classes start in full-force tonight. Blech.
Only two more semesters to go and then I graduate in December!

One major decision I've come to is, that on top of my full-time job I also need to get a part-time job. Nothing like working full-time, going to night school full-time and throwing a part-time gig on top of it all. Apparently I am into self-S&M. And well, you all should know, I smoke crack. I also occassional mainline heroin. The black tar stuff. Just an FYI.
Ah, what's a little more stress, I say. Does a body and mind good. I think I am going back to the service-whore gig. Don't get excited. I'm talking about bartending or waitressing. Most bang for my buck and it would be the most flexible when it comes to my already, donkey ass-sucking schedule.

On a, well no shit, PG. I also realized that some men, no matter how clearly you write something on the wall or clearly spell something out for them, are utterly clueless. And while I sit and think about something and think that they are infact thinking about the same thing, they are not. Because I sit and think that they are thinking about the same thing and I have avoided them at all and any costs and have not returned their, now several, phone calls because I didn't want to say something that I would regret, I should call them up and tell them, I'm over it. However, it turns out that there is no need for me to even say anything because from the, "Hello." I can tell that they have, infact, not even given any thought to it at all.


Dagny said...

Glad to see that I was not the only one dogsitting this weekend, although I did also manage to go out.

I find clueless men thoroughly irritating. My fave was the guy who called me after a month of not speaking. I had told him that I would call him once I had more free time. Hello. If I haven't called you in a month, doesn't that say something? Sheesh.

Pyrhonik said...

You girls gotta start picking from higher up on the tree!

Neil said...

With two jobs and school, how will you have time for any sexcapades?

Party Girl said...

Dagny: Thanks for stopping by. I managed to go out, just not while I was dogsitting.

Ah, clueless men. This one is actually a friend who should know better.

Pyrhonik: The tree has certainly been interesting lately.

Neil: It's all about time management.

Party Girl said...

Neil: Also, apparently you've never bartended or been a waiter. Oh, the endless opportunities for groping, ogling, and sexual harassment. I think it's all written in the fine print of the application.

GirlGoyle said...

Clueless men...I hate that. Though I have caught myself wondering more than once if in fact they are clueless or just acting clueless. Like their selective hearing that really isn't that selective. They hear all...they just aknowledge what they want to though. Men...more complex than we think, I think.