Monday, May 15, 2006


This is something I've been thinking about for awhile. When someone would ask me what mine were I would have to think about it.
I would say, shoes. Cause I am a self-proclaimed shoe whore and I have over 100 pairs.
I love all shoes, but the higher, taller, the better. Because let's be honest.
Although these are fun

These are more so

I love bras and panties.
All kinds. My dresser drawer runnith over with all the possibilites.
But as much as I love wearing these

I tend to wear these almost all the time and well, they're simply more fun.

But after fantasizing about the cutie baldy from class and being able to focus all my attention on both of the men in class, who had a shiny, gleaming, newly shaved baldhead, I realized that that is a big one.
Huge one.
So hot.
Such a turn on.
To rub a beautiful baldhead.
One of my friends will let me rub his head for luck, but not the way I really want to.
I want the gleaming head to be lying in my lap.
His head on my stomach.
His head between my thighs.
For me to be smashing it into me.
To be sitting on his face and grabbing his head and holding it. Holding his head and making sure it stays in place. Stays right where I want it until I decide it's time to move.
Yeah, a beautiful gleaming, shiny, newly shaved baldhead that does it for me.
Well, that's one of them anyway.

...And you? What are your fetishes?


Old Man Crowder said...

Just recently I've discovered I have a thing for pregnant women. Something about them just gets my heart rate going!

Jay said...

I have this thing about putting my freshly shaved head in between the thighs of really hot women.

Huge turn on for me. How about you, PG? ;P

Party Girl said...

OMC: I've heard this from a few men. Something about the glow, the body changing their hormones being off the charts and wanting sex all the time.

Jay: *sigh*

GirlGoyle said...

Hummm....u got me thinking. I'll get back to you cuz right now I'm on 3hrs sleep and can barely type. But...I'll get back to you.

Leesa said...

Bald men? Hmmmmmmm. I can see why.