Wednesday, May 31, 2006

factoid of the day: mothers, daughters and oral sex

Only 25% of daughters think that their mothers engage in oral sex.

13% of females refrain from oral sex because they think that their parents would disapprove.

Mmm, well, I know more about my mother's sexual appetite and activity than I care to.

However, perhaps that explains a lot about me.

I think it goes without saying which side of the bed I am on when it comes to oral sex.


GirlGoyle said...

The only place I don't appreciate head is in my beer!

Joefish said...

Never again do I want to consider my mother and oral sex in the same thought.

Dagny said...

Thank you for dredging up the memories of my mother and her sexlife. Yes, my mother likes to share just a wee bit too much. I think I will have to have cocktails this evening to wipe that image from my mind.

Bre said...

More than the whole mother/oral sex thing, I hate the stigma that women never enjoy performing oral sex, or that there is no pleasure in perfoming oral sex for women. I'd disagree on both counts. As for my mother - it's not a picture that I'd especially enjoy having in my head, but she's fiesty like me, so I wouldn't be especially surprised!

Old Man Crowder said...

13% refrain...

Does that suggest that 83% perform oral sex, regardless of what their parents think?

Those would be great odds, but completely unrealistic.

Yid Erotica said...

Who wants to think about ther mother and sex?! ugh

Party Girl said...

GG: Classic

Joefish: Sorry, so, so sorry.

Dagny: I will be as well.

Bre: That's an excellent point and I see a future post about this subject.

OMC: I think 83% absolutely are willing. How many are willing to into their late 20's and beyond because of bad experiences in their teens and and college years is the real question.

Phollower said...

This reminds me of when my brother and I watched "Pretty Woman" with my mom. During the scene where Julia Roberts goes down on whoever the male lead was my brother and I were noticeably uncomfortable. My mom then says, "What, do you think your mother has never done that?" We liked to think so mom. The kicker is my mom used to be a nun. No kidding.
And PG, as far as which side of the bed you're on, I'm guessing the bottom half.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Mothers and sex seems to be an oximoron, in my humble opinion.

You have an interesting blog here...

Thank you for your comments on mine.

Party Girl said...

Phallower: No shit? So who switched her over, a priest, a nun, or did she have a vision of things to come? Take the pun.

Barbfromca: Thanks and the same to you.

As far as it being an oxymoron, we all got here some how people. Someone was doing all the things, well most, okay some, of the things we all are doing....and talking about..

Phollower said...

Yep, no shit. From what she's told me (which isn't a ton) she wasn't like lured from the convent or anything. She says she saw a lot of "do as I say, not as I do" type of things and the beurocracy of it drove her crazy. She's still very religious and I'm sure if the church wasn't so fucked up I wouldn't be here because she wouldn't have left. Yea for me!

Sarah said...

Hi, came over after seeing your comment on Neil's post about old people and sex.
Funny, but just last night my 10-yr-old daughter and I had the Seinfeld repeat on, and it was the episode about how Elaine faked her orgasms when she was with Jerry. I had to explain what that meant to my kid.
I'm very open with her about sex and other topics, and I do make her uncomfortable. Because later there was a scene with George saying he was uncomfortable with doing things 'down there' and I had to explain that people (I always like to be clear that men can be with men, women with women, and men with women) like to use their mouths in that area to help give the woman pleasure.
She of course had to ask if my husband did this for me.
I think she was pretty grossed out, but I am adament in not wanting sex to be something shameful or scary to talk about.

I'm looking forward to reading through your posts here.

averagedrinker said...

i heard and found out as a fact that horniness is genetic. so that explains why i am as horny as my mom? but both of us are just casual about it. we don't project it publicly. my ex from webdate always tells me that i am a not-so-horny-looking-but horny-inside-bitch.LOL!guilty!