Thursday, May 18, 2006

Goodnight, Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen

Although I think it's time for the show to be over as I don't think it's as good or funny as it once was, I am going to miss it.

It was groundbreaking.

If you put Karen and Jack on speed, throw in cocktails and a lot, a lot (a lot) of laughter with just as many smart-ass remarks, that's Billy and I.
Nick is new to my fag hag love, but this is true for him as well.
Nick told me once that he feels like he and I are always on stage doing improve when we are together. Ah, thanks.

Anyway, Will and Grace Karen and Jack I'll miss ya. I'll see you in syndication.


Will said...

Groundbreaking? How?

Party Girl said...

openly gay show.
Dealing with openly gay ideas and relationships.
It was a show about gay men and women dealing with homosexual and heterosexual relationships.

Karl said...

Yeah, it was a good show. Haven't watched it in several years because it lost its edge a while back. Still, I Tivo'd tonight's retrospective and the finale and will watch it at some point.

MrHinge said...

Will and Grace is a gay show?

I own the first 4 seasons and didn't know that.


I guess I should have known, "Will being so flamboyant and all."

Party Girl said...

I actually missed the finale. I only caught the last 15 minutes or so.

Hinge: Smart-ass

Will said...

The first? Hellooooo! Lavern and Shirley, anyone?!?!?

Leesa said...

I saw part of the retrospective.

Joefish said...

I haven't watched the show for a while. On the way to work this morning my favorite radio station aired an audio clip of Jack and Karen singing "Unforgetable." I was sorry I missed the show.

Now the first thing I'm doing when I get home is watch the last real episode of Johnny's Tonight Show (the one with Bette Midler).

Party Girl said...

Will: They weren't open about their love for each other. Therefore, it doesn't count.

Joefish: I can't believe I missed it. I heard all about it though and was even more sorry I didn't see it. It actually sounded like it was a decent finale.