Friday, December 16, 2005

and that's why it pays to be nice

Ok, so for the second time a floppy disk of mine was wiped out and reformated so that all of my personal essays that I hope to one day become a famous writer from, were deleted. (Please, don't lecture me about how outdated floppies are.)
So, for the second time I went to the IT guys, this time in a much calmer way than I did the first time several weeks ago because I now how my shit backed up in several places, (shit meaning essays, not my actual shit) to see why this keeps happening.
They explained.
I listened.
They then asked if I wanted them to retrive it. (again)
Really? You would do that for me again?
Sure. It's not a problem.
You're awesome! Total rock star!
The last time this happened I was calmly freaking out. (I actually was quite calm considering. I was getting ready to submit some of my essays and poop, all gone. Every single one of them.) They didn't have the software to retrive my info. They bought the software to do so. Now, maybe this isn't a big deal, but it was a huge freakin deal to me. HUGE. They easily spent 8 hours altogether trying to figure out what happened and how to fix it and finding the software to do so. (last time my disk was reformated to a MAC. No, I have no idea how or why)
This time it only took about 10-15 minutes. Still a huge (HUGE) deal to me. They could tell me to screw off. It's my personal stuff and obviously I am an idiot when it comes to computers.
I thanked them over and over and several more times. I gave them a gold star.

Now, I think they do this for me because: I am kind, and nice, and smile and I know all of their names. When they walk by my desk I smile every single time and say good morning and good afternoon and good night. I make jokes, I make them laugh. I am nice. I am kind. I am a friendly smiling face in their day of bullshit dealing with bullshitty people all day long. So, I am going to toot my own horn and say, be nice. It pays. You never know when that nerdy, quite guy in the gloomy office just might save your ass. (note to the IT guys, not saying you're a nerd, but the guys where I work, yeah pretty much.) (did I mention I love nerds?)


Kilt Trip said...

Sweet! And I thought I was going to have to chew you out for bad-mouthing the nerds. As that's not the case - We love you too. Although to be fair, I am a god among nerds, because I have no problem getting a date.

Be nice to your nerds, and they will worship you.

Kuflax said...

Yeah... I'm sure ALL it had to do with you being nice.

I'm also sure that it had nothing to do with you being FEMALE.

Your personality rocks, and by all accounts, you're pretty hot. Yeah, that had NOTHING to do with some IT guys helping you out.

Sure, that's it.
They're prolly going to mess up your stuff on purpose every once and a while, just to get a girl to come to their area. I'm man enough to admit I'd prolly do that to you. ;)

Party Girl said...

thanks Rob, I love you too.

Ok, maybe it has to do with me being female and my stealer personality, but I am sticking with it has to do with me being nice. Nice people are awesome and rule the planet. (Along with my loveable nerds)