Friday, December 09, 2005

like a little heartbeat

I don't know if it was my list or what, but my god I was horny as hell and throbbing all day. ALL DAY. It was a little (huge) heart beat in my fun parts all day long. (all day)
Maybe it was my panties rubbing against my fun parts all day. (cause I discovered they were more the, just for looks and are only on for no longer than to look at and rip off, not so much to wear all day) (pretty and sexy though) I don't know. All I know is that I was at work and really wanted to get home. (needed to get home)

...throbbing is to women as an erection is to men. It must be (needs to be) taken care of. (I wonder if that is on any SAT tests)


Mushroom7Bb said...

Hey, thanks for what you said about the post on my blog. I am new to this so I hope I'm not breaking some rule by posting this in your comments.

Will said...

I demand to see what panties you speak of!

Will said...

Are they magic panties???

BigWinner810 said...
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Kilt Trip said...

If it were on the SATs, my scores would have been a lot better.

Kuflax said...

Well, alrighty then.

Ummmm. Yeah. Glad I didn't read that one at work, cuz I wouldn't have kept a train of thought for more than a few seconds.


Party Girl said...

Will: Got ya hot and bothered now don't I?

Rob: I probably would have done better on the SAT's also. See, they need to make tests all about sex. We would all do a lot better.

Bigwinner: you have no idea.

Kuflax: your welcome.

Party Girl said...